Is Tex Mex trail mix healthy?

Trail mix is a great source of protein and heart-healthy fats. It’s also convenient and easy to customize based on your personal food preferences.

What is Tex Mex trail mix?

Easy to mix and easy to bring into work: Tex-Mex Trail Mix is a spiced up, calcium-filled combo of popcorn, cereal and Colby-Jack Cheese. What isn’t easy is putting it down. Arrange popcorn, crackers, cereal and corn nuts on a jelly roll pan. Coat with cooking spray and immediately sprinkle seasoning over mixture.

Can trail mix give you diarrhea?

Gas, bloating, and digestive issues may occur. It’s a common side effect, thanks to compounds in nuts called phytates and tannins, which make them difficult to digest. And eating too much fat, which is found abundantly in nuts, in a short period of time can lead to diarrhea, says Alan R.

Can you live off of trail mix?

Most trail mixes contain nuts, and nuts contain a lot of unrefined fat. This fat can go rancid in just a few months, ruining the flavor and potentially causing GI distress. If you don’t mind rotating your stocks every few months, trail mix can be a viable survival food that you can eat by the handful.

Does Walmart sell trail mix?

Great Value Mountain Trail Mix Value Pack, 1.75 oz, 18 Count –

What are chili bits made of?

Chili Bits is a tasty snack you can enjoy time after time. You’ll find it hard to resist the deliciously festive taste. Ingredients Rice Flour, Corn Starch, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Wheat, Salt), Sugar, Chili Peppers, Caramel Color, and FD&C Yellow No. 6.

Can seeds get stuck in your intestines?

But if you have diverticula — little pouchlike structures that sometimes form in the muscular wall of the colon and bulge outward — you may worry about nuts or seeds getting stuck in those little pockets, which can cause a painful infection called diverticulitis.

How much does trail mix cost?

$7.99 / 1lb bag ($7.99/lb)

Quantity Price per bag
1 – 5 $7.99/bag ($7.99/lb)
6 – 10 $7.75/bag ($7.75/lb)
11+ $7.59/bag ($7.59/lb)