Is Sket Dance based on gintama?

According to Gintoki, Sket Dance is a comedy manga with a school setting that started in 2007 and anime started in 2011. After he explains what each member is like, Kagura reveals Sket Dance’s time slot which is Gintama’s old slot.

Is Sket Dance worth watching?

If your a fan of comedy,mystery,and action then this is a must see anime. Anybody that’s looking for a good comedic anime, SKET DANCE is the way to go. You will never regret watching this anime. You will laugh, and cry all in one episode.

Does Sket Dance have Season 2?

Season 2: SECOND DANCE (2012)

Is Sket Dance better than Gintama?

The main difference that i can think of is the setting; Sket dance has a school setting whereas gintama has a futuristic setting with aliens, etc. For now i prefer gintama over sket dance. Gintama because of the setting and characters. And the jokes are funnier.

Is there any romance in Sket Dance?

You can’t just put romance to a story and treat it half-way, in that case, it’s better off without any romance at all and the story can still be good. This ending is open for sure, but since Bossun is abroad, we don’t know if they will ever get together, there should have been a hint!

Does himeko like bossun?

Hime is loyal and admires Bossun, although she often hits or rebukes him. This is because she feels that she owes him much. Himeko feels a special affection for the little and “cute” things, and sometimes her maternal instinct comes out easily.

Is Sket Dance anime finished?

After Sket Dance has reached past its 2nd year on March 2, 2012, it seems like the anime can keep going up to 100 episodes. However, last week’s episode stated that the anime is going to end. Here’s the dialogue of the Sket Dan’s conversations.

Do himeko and Bossun end up together?

After Bossun saves her from the kidnapper, Himeko is like about to confess, if just Switch didn’t come. On other hand, as noted by Switch, Himeko and Bossun are unseparated tsukkomi and bokke partner. The author hints in the extra sketch that Bossun and Himeko do get married in the future.

Did saaya confess to Bossun?

With Sojiro’s usual misunderstanding of Saaya, Saaya finally confessed to Bossun about her feelings for him.

How did switch meet Bossun?

Switch’s first encounter with Bossun was an accidental collision in the school hallway, prior to the start of his backstory. Additionally, his backstory takes place during the spring and summer of the first year of high school. Switch’s laptop voice is a mixture of his deceased brother’s and his voice.

Does bossun end up with himeko?

Does himeko like Bossun?