Is pine tree farming profitable?

Raising pine is a multimillion-dollar business that constitutes essential portions of the U.S. lumber and paper industries. But it has a major economic drawback: It can take 30 years or more for a stand to mature and turn a profit.

How do you plant a field of pine trees?

Place the pine into the hole and cover with soil to the base of the tree. Tamp the soil around the trunk. Plant your seedlings in late spring, approximately two weeks after the danger of frost. Drive to the end of the field you have designated for planting your pine trees.

How many pine trees can you plant per acre?

Historically, many pine plantations were established with seedling densities in the range of 600–700 seedlings per acre. Current planting techniques typically use seedling densities somewhere between 450 and 550 trees per acre.

Is a pine plantation a good investment?

Economic analysis has shown that returns on investment when planting pines on old fields will generate REAL rates of return between 10 and 17 percent, depending on site quality. Yes, planting pines on old fields is an excellent investment for landowners.

What is an acre of pine trees worth?

How Much Money is an Acre of Timber Worth?

Pine Timber Values/Acre
Year Plantation* Natural
2018 $1,694 $1,738
2019 $1,566 $2,055
*Average of all age classes excluding <15 (clearcut)

How long before pine trees can be harvested?

Many landowners plant pines with the intention of harvesting them at some point in the future. When pulpwood markets are favorable, a complete stand harvest within 15 to 20 years is possible and may bring an acceptable return.

What is the best time to plant pine trees?

The best time to plant evergreen trees Evergreens, or conifers like pine, spruce, and fir are best planted in early to late spring or early to mid autumn. In my zone 5 region that is April to early June and September and October. If you can, wait until there is a cloudy or drizzly day to transplant.

How far apart should you plant pine trees?

In general, most evergreen conifers, including pines, grow best if spaced between 6 and 12 feet apart. Trees spaced less than 6 feet apart will probably require thinning. Trees spaced further than 12 feet apart will require more effort in weed control.

When should pine trees be planted?

How long does a pine plantation take to grow?

Pine trees have about a 30-year maturity with an intermediate harvest, where trees are thinned out for smaller logs or wood chips.

How much can you make from pine trees?

Case studies show existing pine stands can earn an average of about $100 to $150 per acre per year. “That doesn’t mean you plant the trees and get $100 to $150 a year — landowners must properly manage the timber, thinning a few times over the 35-year lifespan.