Is Oklahoma Heart Hospital part of mercy?

Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City South is located at I-240 and Sooner Road, on the campus of Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) South. The new hospital is licensed under Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City and offers ambulatory care, low trauma, inpatient care and advanced surgical capability.

Is Oklahoma Heart Hospital physician-owned?

Oklahoma Heart Hospital is a physician-owned hospital, designed by cardiologists to empower cardiovascular specialists to bring world-class medical expertise and compassion to the care of every patient. Mazen Abu-Fadel, M.D.

Who owns Oklahoma heart?

The Oklahoma Heart Institute, Tulsa, sold its practice for an undisclosed sum to Hillcrest Medical Center, also in Tulsa, amid a competitive market for providing heart care in the region. Perhaps taking its cue from a now-dissolved joint venture between local cardiologists and the St.

How many beds does Oklahoma Heart Hospital have?

Oklahoma Heart Hospital, a physician-owned hospital, partners with Mercy and operates two hospitals with a combined 143 beds in Oklahoma City and many clinics throughout Oklahoma.

Is Oklahoma Heart Hospital not for profit?

A non-profit organization founded in 1993, OHHRF works to accomplish it’s mission through clinical research, medical education, and community service.

How many beds does mercy OKC have?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City 4300 West Memorial Road Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Total Staffed Beds: 308
Total Patient Revenue: $2,078,409,352
Total Discharges: 15,895
Total Patient Days: 81,190

Who started Oklahoma Heart Hospital?

Wayne Leimbach
Wayne Leimbach, one of the founders of OHI and current medical director, shared what technologies he has been most impressed with during this time and what’s he’s most excited to see in the future at OHI. “When it comes to technology, there are many things that stand out to me,” said Leimbach.

When was Oklahoma Heart Hospital built?

August 2002
Oklahoma Heart Hospital opened in August 2002 as the first all-digital hospital in America totally dedicated to the care of hearts. Cardiologists from Oklahoma Cardiovascular Associates partnered with Mercy Health Center to make the hospital a reality.

What is the oldest hospital in Oklahoma City?

St. Anthony Hospital
Anthony Hospital is a large general hospital located in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is the oldest hospital in the state and one of 19 operated by SSM Health, a not-for-profit Roman Catholic care provider.

How many locations does Mercy Hospital have?

Mercy Health Hospitals With 23 hospitals in Cincinnati, Toledo, Springfield, Youngstown, Lorain and Lima, Ohio, as well as Paducah and Irvine, Kentucky, Mercy Health is a trusted provider of health care at the top hospitals in your community.

When did Oklahoma Heart Hospital open?

What was the first hospital in Oklahoma?

In 1894, Dr. F.B. Fite purchased a small one-story cottage on South Main Street in Muskogee.