Is Mykonos hot in September?

Glorious September Weather Mykonos temperatures in September typically range from 20 degrees (68 degrees Fahrenheit) to 28 (82 F), while the sea reaches its ideal temperature of approximately 25 degrees (77 degrees F), which create simply sublime conditions for taking a dip in the relaxing waters of the Aegean.

Is Mykonos quiet in September?

The last big club party takes place sometime around mid-September. Mykonos Weather in October: Early October is still tourist season with good beach weather and nightlife in Mykonos Town but by mid-month many hotels and restaurants start to close. By the end of October the island is feeling very quiet.

Is Mykonos windy in September?

In early September the weather will still be hot and almost certainly it will be sunny all the time. It can be calm, but quite often it can be quite windy. Even when it is windy, it is still possible to sunbathe and swim on the south coast beaches that are sheltered from the northerly wind. Mykonos is very expensive.

Is Mykonos fun in September?

The fall is a great time to visit Mykonos, with September and October being the most attractive months. The crowds start decreasing at the end of September, and it is still warm and pleasant for beach time, exploration, and activities. The beaches begin to get quieter, but there is still a lot to do.

Can you swim in Mykonos in September?

Best Time for Good Weather in Mykonos: The warmest weather in Mykonos (and all the Greek islands) is between June and September when it’s sunny, hot, and the water is perfect for swimming. Water temperature heats throughout the summer months and is warmest in August and early September.

Is September a good month to go to Greece?

September is a great time to visit Greece. The weather remains hot throughout the month, sea temperatures stay warm, and visitors start to thin out as children go back to school. While the main sights are still busy, September is usually better for touring compared with hotter and more crowded July and August.

Is it worth going to Mykonos?

Is Mykonos still worth your visit? Yes, absolutely! The island has it’s own unique vibe and beauty, but I would not recommend staying here for 2 weeks in a row. The island is hugely popular with cruise ships and the small city is easily overcrowded.

Is September a good time to visit Greek islands?