Is Me and My Girl grammatically correct?

isn’t it? “For me and my girlfriend” sounds very natural in casual speech, but the convention is to place the pronoun “me” afterward. Mordant: “For me and my girlfriend” sounds very natural in casual speech, but the convention is to place the pronoun “me” afterward.

Do you say my wife and I or my wife and me?

The rule is that you use ‘I’ if it forms part of the subject of the verb, but ‘me’ if it’s the object or predicate. Thus it should be ‘Please join my wife and me’. But it is correct to say: ‘My wife and I are going to the theatre tonight’.

Is it correct to say me and my husband?

However, this may be why many people think that they must always talk of “my husband and I” and never of “my husband and me”. In different situations, either of these expressions may be right, and there is a simple way of deciding which one to choose. It is correct to say “My husband and I are going to a party”.

Do we say John and me or John and I?

Unfortunately, in this case, trying to sound like you have good grammar makes things worse because the grammatically correct form is “with John and me,” not “with John and I.”

How do I say me and my wife?

You need to give full context to be sure of a correct answer. However – there’s a fairly easy rule of thumb here. If you would normally say “I” then use “my wife and I” and if you would normally say “me” it’s “my wife and me”.

Is Myself and my wife correct?

Sorry, dear readers, but in this case “my wife and me” is correct. “I” and “me” are personal pronouns. “I” is used when the pronoun is the subject of the sentence. “Me” is used when the pronoun is the object.

How do you use mine and my?

Difference Between My and Mine

  1. My is a possessive adjective.
  2. Mine is a possessive pronoun.
  3. My indicates the possession of the noun that follows it.
  4. Mine replaces noun phrases to avoid repetition.
  5. My is immediately followed by a noun.
  6. Mine is not followed by a noun.
  7. My and the noun that follows it can replace mine.

When can I use me and someone?

It is the convention in English that when you list several people including yourself, you put yourself last, so you really should say “Someone and I are interested.” “Someone and I” is the subject of the sentence, so you should use the subjective case “I” rather than the objective “me”.

When can you say me and someone?

What is the difference between me and my?

You probably know when to use I or me, and we usually choose the correct form by instinct. Choosing between me or my is sometimes a bit trickier. Me is used as the object of a verb or preposition. You use me to refer to yourself.