Is Krups a good blender?

This blender is powerful, dependable, super easy to take apart and clean and to use. This household recommends the Krups KB720 5 Speed Blender heartily! Buy with confidence that this is a solid product at a great price and enjoy!

How do you clean a Krups blender?

To clean the body of the appliance, first of all unplug it and then wipe it with a damp cloth. To clean the bowl, use soapy water or washing-up liquid. Some bowls are dishwasher safe, see instructions for use.

Why is my new blender not working?

The most common problem is caused by the jar leaking liquids. The solution is to tighten the base. If this doesn’t solve the problem, inspect and, if necessary, replace the gasket. If the drive stud is turning but the blade assembly isn’t, inspect the assembly socket into which the drive stud fits.

How do I put my blender back together?

A) Turn Blender Jar upside down and place sealing ring over bottom opening of Blender Jar. Carefully place Blade System into the Blender Jar. B) Screw Threaded Bottom Cap onto the bottom of the Blender Jar and tighten securely. C) Place assembled Blender Jar on top of Blender Base.

How many seconds does it take to clean blender?

Place the lid on and run the blender on high for 60 seconds. Empty blender. Pour out the contents and rinse with hot water, using a sponge or scrub brush to eliminate any visible build-up. Wash.

How do I clean and sanitize a blender?

Pour water in the blender: Fill your blender pitcher about halfway with hot water from a kettle or the tap. Add dish soap: Add just a drop of dish soap. Turn on the blender: Put the blender pitcher back on the base and hold the lid down with a towel. Turn on the blender and let it run for about 10 seconds.

Where does the rubber ring go in a blender?

Place the glass pitcher up-side-down on the counter. Now place a rubber ‘O Ring’ on the bottom rim of the glass pitcher (which is facing upwards, since the pitcher is up-side-down). Follow this by placing the metal piece with the blades on top of the ‘O Ring’ (so that the blades are inside the glass pitcher).

What is the first thing to do before cleaning the blender?

It’s easy: clean the jar, gasket seal and blade with soap and hot water, then let them air dry before putting the parts back together. When it comes to the electric base, err on the side of caution. Unplug the blender and wipe down the base with a damp towel.

How many Watts Does a Krups Blender have?

Thanks to the Krups Motor Technik, the motor remains at a consistent speed whatever the load, ensuring perfect results and allowing intensive heavy-duty use. And its 1,000 watts make it one of the most powerful blenders on the market. But this consistent speed doesn’t mean you have to endure excessive noise.

What is the Krups motor Technik?

The Krups Motor Technik is a unique electronic motor control system that provides constant power and speed whatever the load, ensuring consistent, professional results and allowing intensive heavy-duty use. Unloaded, most kitchen machines have high rotation speed.

What is a Technik Blender?

Krups Motor Technik also means controlled rpm’s, which means much less noise. This large, durable, stable 60-ounce blender has five speeds and ice-crushing and pulse functions to cover any situation that needs blending.

What kind of color does a KitchenAid Blender come in?

Its touchpad control panel is illuminated, intuitive, and easy to see and use, and its graphite grey and brushed stainless steel coloring goes well on any kitchen counter. To get you started, the blender comes with a full-color recipe book with more than 50 recipes.