Is Keswick Ontario a good place to live?

This South Central Ontario town has tons of outdoor activities, affordable housing, and employment opportunities, making it a great place to visit. While the joys of Keswick are best during the summer and fall, it is a dynamic place to be year-round, especially for those looking for four seasons.

Where in Ontario is Keswick?

Keswick (/ˈkɛzˌwɪk/) is a community located in the Canadian province of Ontario. Situated in Cook’s Bay on Lake Simcoe, 72 km (45 mi) north of Toronto. Keswick is part of the Town of Georgina, the northernmost municipality in the Regional Municipality of York.

Is Keswick a good area?

Keswick is a fairly safe place to visit. Having said this, there are certain precautions that should be take in order to ensure a smooth trip through England’s Lake District. Like always, common sense is the most important tool to be used in staying safe.

Is Keswick a small town?

A popular base with fell walkers thanks to its close proximity to some of the Lake District’s best loved fells, Keswick is a deceptively small town close to the shores of the spectacular Derwent Water.

What is the population of Keswick Ontario?


Characteristic Keswick – Elmhurst Beach Ontario [Population centre]
Data quality , Keswick – Elmhurst Beach [Population centre], Ontario Map Change geography
Total – Age groups and average age of the population – 100% data Census data footnote 4 26,760 13,595
0 to 14 years 4,845 2,355
0 to 4 years 1,530 750

Is Georgina a good place to live?

With great amenities in scenic communities, including Keswick and Pefferlaw that offer the best of the country and the city, mixed with lakeside living, it’s hard to dismiss how Georgina is a great place to relocate to.

What is Keswick known for?

Keswick has an abundance of interesting heritage sites to visit such as Castlerigg Stone Circle, the Bowder Stone, Honister slate mine and the Derwent Pencil Museum which demonstrates why Keswick was the world-centre of pencil manufacturing!

Does Keswick have a beach?

There are 4 Keswick beaches to pick from. Find the perfect places to go with your kids and get out on your next adventure!

What does Keswick mean in English?

/ (ˈkɛzɪk) / Save This Word! noun. a market town in NW England, in Cumbria in the Lake District: tourist centre.

Is Sutton Ontario a good place to live?

Laid back and extraordinarily pretty, Sutton styles itself as “Ontario’s First Cottage Country” and earns the title. Surrounded by water and catering to lovers of the outdoors, Sutton is an ideal place to settle for those seeking solace at the end of a long commute.

Is Georgina Ontario Safe?

Extremely safe. Night or day, it’s a very safe place.