Is Glentoran FC Catholic or Protestant?

Both teams are predominantly Protestant; however, Glentoran has fielded Catholic players and had Catholic fans for much of its history.

How many trophies have Glentoran won?

The Steel & Sons Cup (Glentoran Seconds) – 14 Times winners 1904-05, 1908-09, 1910-11, 1914-15, 1918-19, 1932-33, 1937-38, 1957-58, 1964-65, 1965-66, 1988-89, 2000-01, 2001-02 & 2012-13.

Has Glentoran won a European trophy?

In 1914, Glentoran won the Vienna Cup, becoming the second U.K. team to win a European trophy, although as this competition took place several decades before the formation of UEFA, it is not recognised as such.

Who are Linfield rivals?

Historically, Linfield’s main rival has been Glentoran, with the duo known as the Big Two. This rivalry traditionally includes a league derby played on Boxing Day each year, which usually attracts the largest league attendance of the season.

Who is Ali Pour?

Ali Pour is the owner of Glentoran F.C., the professional football club based out of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

When did Glentoran last win the Irish League?

Northern Ireland Champions from 1890-91

Year Champions 1891-1936 Champions 1983-2020
1911 Linfield Glentoran
1912 Glentoran Linfield
1913 Glentoran Glentoran
1914 Linfield Linfield

Is Larne a Protestant team?

We are a Majority Unionist/Protestant town.

Are Cliftonville a professional team?

Cliftonville Football & Athletic Club is a Northern Irish, professional association football club playing in the NIFL Premiership – the top division of the Northern Ireland Football League.

Are Linfield professional?

Linfield Football Club is a professional football club based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which plays in the NIFL Premiership – the highest level of the Northern Ireland Football League.