Is Carniolan or Italian bees better?

If you are newer, you might think about Italian bees as they have a better temperament and are less prone to sting. If you are looking forward to honey, you might consider Carniolans as they build up stores quickly and tend to winter well here. As stated, you can’t go wrong with either Carniolan or Italian bees.

What is the difference between Carniolan and Italian bees?

Italian bees will tend to swarm during their second year within the hive. This will happen during the Spring season and into summer. Overall, the Italian has average tendencies to swarm. The Carniolan bee has a higher tendency to swarm in the first year going forward.

Are carniolan bees gentle?

The Carniolan honey bee, known as Apis Mellifera Carnica, is another widely used type of honey bee. They are most known for their gentle temperament, and their brood is highly resistant to parasites and diseases.

What is the best breed of honey bee?

Italian bees are the most popular bees to order in North America. They are known for being gentle and good honey producers. They are typically reared in the south and have difficulty in colder climates, as they need to consume extra food to compensate for not forming a tight cluster the way other honey bee types do.

Where do carniolan bees come from?

The Carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica, Pollmann) is a subspecies of the western honey bee. The Carniolan honey bee is native to Slovenia, southern Austria, and parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

How do you identify carniolan bees?

Description. Carniolan bees are dark with brown spots or bands on their abdomen. They’re slightly smaller than other races of bees, but that doesn’t seem to correlate to their ability to forage and bring pollen and nectar stores back to the hive.

What color are carniolan bees?

Carniolan bees are often referred to as Black Bees because of the dark colour of their abdomen.

Which bee breed is the best?

The Carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica) is a subspecies of Western honey bee. The best bee for cold climates and also known as one of the calmest bees is The Carniolan. The best bee for pollination is The Caucasian, thanks to its super long tongue that can reach into the deepest flowers for foraging.