Is Beatles for Sale a good album?

Beatles for Sale is a transitional album, the group learning their way around studio and becoming more sophisticated. Rubber Soul would see them make another great leap forward (and drop the covers again), but this is a joyous, inventive and exciting album. Especially considering the circumstances it was made in.

Do Beatles albums still sell?

Half a century after their breakup, The Beatles are still the biggest rock band of 2020, shifting 1.094 million album-equivalent units through the first six months of the year, 326,000 units ahead of the genre’s second-place finisher, Queen.

Is Beatles For Sale The worst?

While every record the band put out had the odd pop gem on it, there is one album that is undoubtedly their worst; Beatles For Sale. The record has gone down in history as one of The Beatles least adored albums and it’s largely because the album sees the band in a period of huge transition.

Is Yellow Submarine a good album?

As a souvenir of the film, Yellow Submarine has its place, and in fairness, it was never intended as a major release. But as an album it’s ultimately forgettable, which is something the Beatles so rarely were otherwise.

What’s the most expensive record for The Beatles?

Ringo Starr’s copy of The Beatles’ self-titled 1968 album has been confirmed to be the most expensive vinyl record ever sold. The first-ever pressed copy of the record was sold at auction last December for $790,000 (£522,438).

Who sold more albums Beatles or Led Zeppelin?

Both sold well over 100 million records apiece in the U.S. and over 900 million worldwide. Meanwhile, both have records that rank in the top 10 with over 20 million discs sold. Worldwide, no recording artist has approached the 600 million Beatles records that people have bought over the years.

How much is an unopened Beatles White Album Worth?

UPDATE: On Dec. 5, copy 0000001 of The Beatles aka The White Album sold for $790,000 at Julien’s auction, a new world record for a vinyl record at an auction. Early estimates for the item placed its value between $40k-60k, an estimate collector demand easily surpassed.