Is a Big Dog a Harley-Davidson?

Big Dog produced a single motorcycle in its first year, affectionately known as “Old Smokey”; its oversized fenders and classic cruiser style would point the way for all of the company’s later products. When the company was started, it initially produced its motorcycles largely from Harley-Davidson parts.

Are Big Dog Motorcycles still being made?

Halted for Three Years In total, Big Dog Motorcycles stopped its production of new motorcycles for a total of three model years, which would be 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Who owned Big Dog Motorcycles?

owner Sheldon Coleman
CEO and company owner Sheldon Coleman—of Coleman Outdoor Company fame—guided Big Dog with a Fortune 500-level professionalism that was unmatched in the aftermarket motorcycle game.

How long is a Big Dog Chopper?

108 Inches
K9 Specs

Engine S&S SuperSidewinder, Overhead Valve, 45-Degree, V-Twin
Seat Height 24.25 Inches
Ground Clearance 4 Inches
Wheel Base 82 Inches
Overall Length 108 Inches

When did Big Dog Motorcycles reopen?

In 2011, as a result of the economic downturn, Big Dog closed its doors. Now, five-years later, the company has opened back up with new management and ownership.

Who started Big Dog Motorcycles?

founder Sheldon Coleman
BDM is a new company created in April after the Big Dog bankruptcy by Big Dog founder Sheldon Coleman to supply parts and accessories for the 25,000 plus Big Dog motorcycles on the market.

How long is a big dog K9?

How much horsepower does a Big Dog Chopper have?

The torque and horsepower curves are models of linear perfection, with nary a dip or a spike anywhere along the line, and both peak at almost identical levels: 96.3 hp at 5800 rpm and 96.1 ft. -lb. at 4200.

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