How to tow your car in the safest way possible

The need to tow your car or truck can arise at any minute. That’s why it is crucial to be prepared for it. We understand this and hence, have compiled our expert advice into this handy guide to help you tow your car in the safest way possible. All you have to do is follow the steps listed for different ways to tow your car roadside assistance Albuquerque NM or other areas.

  • Towing your car using a tow strap

One of the simplest ways to tow any vehicle is by using a tow strap. These straps are readily available at any and every automotive store. While purchasing a tow strap, make sure you purchase something that can two heavy-duty vehicles and is made of high-quality materials. Once you’ve got yourself a tow strap, follow the following steps:

(i) Secure the strap on towing vehicle: Take one end of the strap and attach it to the towing vehicle. At the back of the vehicle, there will be an attachment for this very purpose.

(ii) Secure the strap on the vehicle to be towed: Take the other end of the strap and secure it on the vehicle to be towed, that is, your car. There will be a point at the front of the vehicle, just above the headlights for this very purpose.

(iii) Tow: Once you’ve established that both vehicles are having the strap secured, start the towing vehicle and drive slowly.

(iv) Find the ‘recovery point’: There are some holes in the form of the frame in vehicles that can be run using a steel hook or recovery strap.

  • Towing your car with a towing dolly:

Another easy way and safe way to tow your car are by using a towing dolly. A towing dolly is an affordable way to tow your car. Towing dollies are light-weight, durable and can tow heavy-duty vehicles in a cheap towing Midland TX. They live the front two tires of a vehicle and tow them. Here’s how to use them:

(i) Get a car tow dolly: Purchase a U-Haul dolly from your nearest automotive store or rent one.

(ii) Secure the dolly coupler: Head to the back of the towing vehicle and secure the dolly coupler to the hitch ball at the bottom of the vehicle. Then attach the chains of the dolly to the hitch of the towing vehicle. Make sure you really secure the coupler to the towing vehicle.

(iii) Secure the vehicle to be towed: Load up the vehicle to be towed on the ramp. And then secure it with straps or chains.

(iv) Tow: Once you have fastened the tow dolly and ensured its safety, two the car on the ramp by driving the towing vehicle.

  • Towing with a tow bar:

One of the easiest and simplest ways to tow a car is with a tow bar. Here’s how to use it:

(i) Obtain a tow bar: Get a tow bar from your nearest automotive store.

(ii) Attach the brackets: Secure the brackets of the tow bar on a strong part of the vehicle. But note that this will require drilling into the frame of the car.

(iii) Secure tow bar: Attach tow bar to the towing vehicle and then tow away.

  •  Get professional help:

While most of the ways listed above work, the best and safest way to tow your car is by getting professional help. Let experts come in and take care of the towing. And if you’re roadside assistance Albuquerque NM or cheap towing Midland TX, get in touch with us.

Important tips to get ready for towing:

(i) Check trailer tires thoroughly.

(ii) Maintenance of tow vehicle should be up to date.

(iii) Use trailer safety chains and lights.

(iv) Consider a larger fuel tank and tow mirrors.

Important driving tips:

(i) Always make wider turns at corners and curves.

(ii) Prefer longer stopping distances.

(iii) Adjust brakes according to load and don’t ride it on long downhills.