How much is zone 1 and 2 Travelcard weekly?

Weekly prices

Type 7 Day Price
Adult Zones 1-2 £38.40
Adult Zones 1-3 £45.20
Adult Zones 1-4 £55.20
Adult Zones 1-5 £65.70

What is the cost of a zone 1 and 2 Travelcard?


Zone(s) One Day Anytime One Day Off-peak
Zone 1 and 2 £14.40 £14.40
Zone 1, 2 and 3 £14.40 £14.40
Zone 1, 2, 3 and 4 £14.40 £14.40
Zone 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 £20.30 £14.40

How much is a Zone 1/2 Single?

London Underground Fares 2022

Zones Travelled Single Journey Ticket Oyster / Contactless Payment Card~
Zone 1 £5.50 £2.40
Zone 1 & 2 £5.50 £3.00
Zone 1 to 3 £5.50 £2.80
Zone 1 to 4 £6.00 £2.90

What zone is London?

London is divided into 1–9 zones*, but most of it fits into zones 1–6. Central London is zone 1, zone 2 is the ring around zone 1, zone 3 is the ring around 2 and so on.

What happens if a station is in two zones?

Where a tube station is in two zones, you use the zone that is cheaper for you, the passenger. So, North Greenwich, for example, which is in zone 2 and zone 3, can be reached from Central with no excess fare using a zone 1-2 travelcard, and can also be reached from somewhere in zone 3 using just a Z3 card.

Is Zone 2 central London?

Is an Oyster card the same as a Travelcard?

Travelcards are a flat rate pass where you have unlimited rides for the time period purchased. Oyster / Contactless payment cards are charged on a per journey basis but has a daily maximum you can be charged.

How many zones are there on a London Travelcard?

If you buy a 1-day travelcard then you’ll only have three options: zones 1-4, zones 1-6, or zones 1-9. If you buy a weekly, monthly or annual travelcard then you can choose from a combination of different zones from 1-9. Note: there are no trams in central London, only in places like Beckenham, Croydon and Wimbledon which are in zone 3 and beyond.

What is a travelcard for any zone?

A Travelcard for any zone allows you to use the buses in all zones (zones 1-6) The 3 Day Travelcard, weekend Travelcard, Zone 1-2 & 2-6 One Day Travelcard are no longer available. Coronavirus/COVID 19: Face coverings are compulsory on public transport in London See our guide to London’s transport tickets & passes.

What is a travelcard for London Underground?

London Underground Tickets & Travelcards The Travelcard is a transport pass for London that gives you unlimited travel in London within certain zones. The prices vary according to the number of zones you need to travel through. Central London is in zone 1. Travelcards are valid for 1 day, 7 days or 1 month.

How much does a Travelcard cost in London?

Weekly Travelcards: 2019 prices. If you stay in London for 6–7 days and use the underground, trains, and buses every day, the weekly Travelcard is the most cost-effective travel pass. The one-week pass including central London costs £35.10. It can start on any day of the week.