How much is a Wurlitzer electric piano worth?

What is the average Wurlitzer piano worth? You can expect to pay/sell your piano between $600 at the low end and $1500 at the high end.

How does a Wurlitzer electric piano work?

The official name of the instrument is the Wurlitzer Electronic Piano. However, the sound is generated electromechanically by striking a metal reed with a felt hammer, using conventional piano action. This induces an electrical current in an electrostatic pickup system running at 170 V DC.

What are the parts of an electric piano?

Anatomy of a Piano

  • The Keyboard.
  • Housing/Case and Lid.
  • Hammers and Strings.
  • Pedals.

How do you open a Wurlitzer electric piano?

Wurlitzer 112/112a. Remove the screws on the top of the lid. (Most have nine.) The front of the lid is simply wedged behind the cheek blocks. The entire lid can often be removed by lifting.

Is a Wurlitzer piano any good?

Wurlitzer pianos are considered to be extremely durable. They featured the Wurl-On Finish which was resistant to cold, heat, dryness, and moisture. Wurlitzer pianos may not be considered to be on the same level as Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, or Yamaha but they are considered to be solid instruments.

What is the difference between Wurlitzer 200 and 200a?

Speakers. Another major difference between the 200 and the 200a are the speakers. The 200 has alnico speakers which are mounted to the amp rail. The 200a has ceramic speakers that are mounted directly to the plastic lid with four flowerhead screws.

Is Wurlitzer a good piano?

Do they still make Wurlitzer pianos?

As technology evolved, Wurlitzer began producing electric pianos, electronic organs and jukeboxes, and it eventually became known more for jukeboxes and vending machines, which are still made by Wurlitzer, rather than for actual musical instruments….Wurlitzer.

Type Subsidiary
Website Wurlitzer Jukeboxes

What is the inside of a piano called?

Inner frame: The inner frame of the piano is built from a heavy cast iron plate. This iron frame supports the soundboard and the hardwood pinblock. The pinblock contains brass guide screws, or agraffes, that keep strings properly spaced.

What’s inside of a piano?

Pianos can have over 12,000 individual parts, supporting six functional features: keyboard, hammers, dampers, bridge, soundboard, and strings. Many parts of a piano are made of materials selected for strength and longevity. This is especially true of the outer rim.