How much does WiFi cost on Guam?

For those specifically looking for internet access only, prices range from $34.95/mo to $115.00/mo. Pay your bill online, or direct for your convenience.

Does Guam have good internet?

Advertised download speeds in Guam can top out at 25 mbps, but the average measured speed is 91 Kbps.

What is dFi Docomo?

DOCOMO PACIFIC on Twitter: “Powered by Plume, our Whole Home WiFi dFi+ Guam plans bring you a transformed home Internet experience that offers the fastest speeds, the best coverage, and improved security features. This smart home device optimizes your home network to adapt to your family’s needs.

How much is a SIM card at Docomo?

SIM Only – Prepaid Purchase a Prepaid SIM card available at all retail stores. $5 SIM Card comes with a Free $5 Prepaid Load.

Which Internet is best in Guam?

Summary Of Fastest Internet Providers In Yigo, Guam

Provider Speed Availability
Docomo Pacific 120 Mbps 5.3%
GTA 100 Mbps 100.0%
Pacific Data Systems 50 Mbps 56.3%

Does GTA Guam have 5G?

In September 2020 it was confirmed that GTA secured four licences in the 3.5 GHz CBRS ‘mid-band’ for 5G. Details on UMTS network deployments are shown below.

Is there WIFI in Guam?

Guam is Micronesia’s communications hub, with a wide variety of Internet access options. Wi-Fi, broadband, and dial-up connections available.

Is there WIFI in Samoa?

Accessible, affordable and reliable wireless internet for your home is now a reality in Samoa. Thanks to internet service provider and family-owned business Netvo, home wifi is no longer reserved for the privileged in Samoa, and is available to all families and businesses in the Apia area.

How can I get unlimited IT&E?

With IT&E’s new SUPER UNLIMITED Prepaid plan, your 4G LTE data is never-ending! Register by texting “PLAN UNLI” to 3282 to get unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited local talk and text and unlimited calls to the U.S.

How do I load my ite prepaid?

To activate your Prepaid SIM call:

  1. *670# for 670 Prepaid Number.
  2. *671# for 671 Prepaid Number.

Why choose DoCoMo Pacific Internet?

And with the average household connecting 8 devices at a time, you and your family need a powerful and reliable internet connection with speeds that only DOCOMO PACIFIC can provide. Fast, worry-free streaming, gaming, online study and browsing for each member of your family, at the same time.

How do I contact DOCOMO PACIFIC?

Get in Touch. Docomo Pacific Guam +1.671.688.2273. Docomo Pacific CNMI +1.670.488.2273. Outside Guam & Saipan (Toll Free) +1.866.688.4826. Contact Us.

Do you offer packages to customers in Guam and CNMI?

We offer different packages to customers in Guam and CNMI to accommodate needs in each region. We will call or email you within one (1) working day to complete your order.