How much does summer camp cost in the Bay Area?

Camp costs vary widely, but usually start at $200 per week per child and can exceed $1000 per week for specialty, overnight camps.

How much does summer camp cost in America?

The average weekly rate for day camp ranges from $199 to $800, while overnight camps will set parents back between $680 and $2,000 a week, according to the American Camp Association.

How much does Pali Adventures cost?


Weeks Rate
1 Week $2,145
2 Weeks $4,190
3 Weeks $6,250
4 Weeks $8,245

What games do you play at summer camp?

15 Fun Summer Camp Activities and Games

  • Scavenger Hunt. Everyone of any age can have fun with a scavenger hunt.
  • Camping Charades.
  • I Am…
  • The Alphabet Game of Concentration.
  • Telephone.
  • Spelling Connect 4.
  • Obstacle Course.
  • Duck, Duck, Splash.

Why is summer camp important?

Summer camps are known for their safe environment and the fun activities for kids that they provide. The summer camp activities help develop a variety of social skills including communication and conflict resolution.

How do you hold a summer camp?

So how do you start a summer camp?

  1. Work out the logistics.
  2. Establish a secure and hassle-free registration process.
  3. Design your camp program.
  4. Do your research and spread the word.
  5. Ensure the health and safety of your campers.
  6. Hire and train staff.
  7. Collect feedback and keep in touch with campers.

What do our children’s activity clubs offer?

Our children’s activity clubs are fun, engaging and help to build confidence and self-esteem. During 2019 we will be running Holiday Clubs during the Easter and Summer holidays running a variety of activities for kids of all ages and abilities. The types of activities we offer are below;

Where can I find free online summer classes for kids?

Varsity Tutors has some amazing free online summer classes options for kids, tweens & teens! With more than 40 choices, there’s something for everyone — choose from art, science, filmmaking, bug camp, computer science, music, cooking and fun enrichment options! You can sort camps by grade, subject, days of the week or time of day too.

What is children’s Holiday Club?

Children’s holiday clubs and courses where your child can learn a new skill such as cooking or IT during the school holidays or enjoy their favourite hobby such as football, drama or arts & crafts. “Giving every child such an amazing experience they can’t wait to come back”

What sports do we offer at summer holiday camps?

We also offer classes in a variety of alternative urban sports including Cheerleading, Trampolining, Tumbling, Breakdancing, Aerial and Martial Tricking. This summer, alongside our usual timetable, we will be holding our Summer Holiday Camps with schedules to suit every family, at great prices.