How much does Les Mills cost UK?

£11.95 a month
A subscription to Les Mills on Demand costs £11.95 a month – and is even cheaper if you sign up for a 3-monthly or yearly plans. There is a free trial period of 14 days so you can enjoy a few workouts before deciding whether it’s right for you or not.

How much does Les Mills cost per month?

How much does Les Mills On Demand cost? It’s 14.95 € per month or 134 € (best value) paid upfront per year here in mainland Europe and is $14.99/month in the USA if you pay monthly (but only $9.99/month if you pay upfront for the year). Considering the cost of in-person gyms, Les Mills is a steal.

How much does Les Mills cost?

The cost of Les Mills on Demand is $14.99 each month but they offer to buy a yearly subscription straight up-front which would bring the price down to $9.99 a month or ~120 USD a year. You will have to pay only after the 14-day free trial has finished though. There’s also a 3-months subscription available.

Is Les Mills still alive?

Leslie Roy Mills CNZM MBE JP (born 1 November 1934) is a retired New Zealand track and field athlete and politician….Les Mills.

Personal best(s) Shot put – 19.80 m (1967) Discus – 61.52 m (1971)

How much does a Les Mills instructor earn UK?

First off in the UK, there is an average estimate that the salary of a Les Mills instructor sits at around £17 – £19 per hour. In the UK this is a huge increase from the minimum wage of £8.91, making the idea of becoming a Les Mills instructor much more attractive.

Which Les Mills classes are cardio?

Yes! Athletic training, step, martial arts, stationary cycling, and dance are just some of the science-backed cardio options on LES MILLS+. Many of these workouts combine the cardio endurance that you get from steady-state training with the transformative fat-burning benefits of high-intensity interval training.

Who is Les Mills wife?

These are company founder and four-time Olympian Les Mills Snr, his wife Colleen, who also represented New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games and who died in 2005, aged 71; their son Phillip and his wife Dr Jackie Mills MD; along with their two children Diana and Les Mills Jnr.