How much does an AT iPhone plan cost?

Families and individuals can take advantage of great, simplified pricing plans with iPhone. Combining voice calling and unlimited data use, pricing begin at just $69.99 a month with AT Nation plans – or – just $129.99 a month, providing two lines, with AT FamilyTalk plans. Text plans are easy to add, too!

How much is the monthly bill for AT?

AT unlimited plans: How it compares on price

Monthly price comparison 1 line 3 lines
AT $75 $165
Verizon $80 $165
U.S. Cellular $70 $160
Boost** $50 $110

How much is AT a month for one line?

Find the right unlimited plan for you.

Pricing by line AT Unlimited Elite AT Value Plus
1 line $85/mo.* $50/mo.*
2 lines $150/mo.* N/A
3 lines $180/mo.* N/A
4 lines $200/mo.* N/A

How much is the average AT phone bill?

The average individual’s cell phone bill was $71 per month last year, a 31% increase since 2009, according to J.D. Power & Associates. The Associated Press estimated that the average smartphone bill for an AT customer declined recently, from $88 to $80 monthly.

How much does it cost for 5 lines on AT?

How Much Do AT Unlimited Cell Phone Plans Cost?

Company 1 Line 5 Lines
AT Unlimited Starter » $65 $30
AT Unlimited Extra » $75 $35
AT Unlimited Elite » $85 $45

How much is a monthly iPhone bill?

A new base-level iPhone 7 will now go for $22.88 a month. And a top-of-the-line iPhone X will cost you $1,149, or $56.16 a month.

How much do you pay a month for phone?

The average cell phone bill costs Americans $127.37 per month, according to CNBC, which leaves a lot of room for saving.