How much does Alex Guerrero make?


Contract: 4 yr(s) / $28,000,000
Signing Bonus $10,000,000
Average Salary $7,000,000
Free Agent: 2018 / UFA

When did Brad meet Alex Guerrero?

The two met more than a decade ago, and in 2008, when Brady blew out his ACL, it was Guerrero who worked him back to health in record time. Brady and Guerrero have been inseparable ever since, with the 39-year-old crediting his athletic longevity to the trainer.

Who is Tom Brady’s life coach?

coach Alex Guerrero
It’s a lifestyle he spun into an entire wellness brand, TB12, with his long-time body coach Alex Guerrero. “I could have never made every Sunday without you; it’s that simple” Brady wrote in his retirement statement to Guerrero.

Does Tom Brady own a business?

In addition to TB12, his longtime health and wellness company, Brady is also involved in the NFT world and founded his own apparel line, BRADY, earlier this year.

Does Tom Brady still work with Alex Guerrero?

Brady credits Guerrero for being able to play football until the age of 44, as well as helping him avoid and delay surgery. While some dispute the efficacy of Guerrero’s work, his greatest product — the extended career of Tom Brady — is what leads Brady and Guerrero to continue promoting the TB12 method.

How tall is Alex Guerrero?

6 ft 1 in
Alex Guerrero (lineman)

No. 99
Born: February 16, 1984 Brea, California
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight: 275 lb (125 kg)
Career information

Why did Antonio Brown live with Tom Brady?

TAMPA — Antonio Brown said Friday that his friendship with Tom Brady is based on the fact that he could help the future Hall of Fame quarterback win football games.

Does Tom Brady own a restaurant?

Jim Brady’s opened its Ann Arbor location after nearly a year’s worth of development and planning. ​Last month, local businessman Tom Brady Jr., along with his associate Darin Dingham opened up an Ann Arbor location of Jim Brady’s after nearly a year’s worth of development and planning.

What companies do Tom Brady own?

One of Brady’s major plans is to focus on running the three companies that he has co-founded: Autograph, BRADY and TB12 Sports. “The future is exciting,” Brady wrote in his retirement post. “I’m fortunate to have cofounded incredible companies. . .that I am excited to continue to help build and grow.”

How long has Alex Guerrero worked with Tom Brady?

As Tom Brady retires, he inevitably will take a larger role in leading his health and wellness brand, TB12, alongside longtime trainer and friend Alex Guerrero. Over the past 15 years, Tom Brady has had a right-hand man that helped him get where he is today — physically, at least.