How much does a resin driveway cost UK?

The cost of a resin driveway is typically around £2,400 in the UK, including aggregate, for a 40m2 area. Prices will differ according to the quality of materials and location. A resin drive will range between £40 to £70 per m2, with an average of about £60.

Can you DIY a resin driveway?

Resincoat DIY Resin Bound driveway kit is a fantastic option for creating a stylish outdoor surface, ideal for driveways, patios and landscapes. The DIY kit is easy to use with each kit offering a complete set of components for you to apply without the need for a forced action mixer.

What base does a resin driveway need?

Tarmac and concrete are the most suitable bases for resin driveways. The Resin Mill’s permeable resin bound materials can be laid directly onto an existing tarmac surface if it is in suitable condition, or (after sufficient time), a newly installed one.

What is the best resin to use for driveways?

If an area is always shaded UV protection is of little importance. But most driveway areas get exposure to the sun so polyurethane resin offering UV protection is best.

Is resin better than tarmac?

Resin driveways provide you with an anti-slip surface as they are installed with a smooth finish and no loose chippings (and are SUDS compliant). Whilst tarmac is a sturdy surface and can withstand strong forces of pressure, over time the bonds can weaken and create loose stones.

What are the disadvantages of a resin driveway?

Heavy Usage. Resin bound driveways and surfacing aren’t the best choice for areas that regularly endure heavy traffic and usage. While this type of surface course is quite durable and robust, wear and tear over time can lead to cracking. This cracking can potentially lead to further and deeper damage.

Can you lay resin bound yourself?

For small self-install projects No experience is required and without the need for expensive cutting or laying equipment, our DIY Kits are easy to use. Our resin bound DIY Kit comes with detailed instructions that guide you through preparation, mixing and laying SureSet resin bound materials.

Can you pour resin over gravel?

It is a pouring resin which is used over existing gravel or stones to prevent migration and reduce noise by creating a clean and solid yet permeable landscaped surface. EasiHold is also simple to use, just pour out the binder using a watering can over your existing gravel, stones or chippings before letting it dry.

How do you prepare the ground for a resin driveway?

Any new surface should be allowed to cure properly prior to the application of resin bound systems. In the case of bitumen surfaces a minimum of 7 days should be given to allow it to weather and oxidize. For concrete, at least 28 days should be given to allow it to cure properly.

Are there different grades of resin for driveways?

There are a number of different types of resin for driveways on the market. There is UV stable polyurethane resin and then non-UV stable polyurethane resin. To segment that even further, these resins can vary in quality from one manufacturer to another. Non-UV stable resin is more economical than UV stable resin.