How much does a intervention sniper cost?

CheyTac Intervention
Unit cost M200: $10,665 – $14,150 M300: (Carbon Fiber): $9,585 – $10,960 M300: (Composite): $9,135 – $11,000 All cost(s) exclude ammo, attachments, license fees, paint (including special colours & Kryptek camo), shipping, and tax.
Produced 2001—present
Variants See Variants

Is the S TAC aggressor the intervention?

The Intervention returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered as the S-Tac Aggressor, added in the June 27th, 2017 update. The weapon is unlocked by completing the S-Tac Aggressor bounty. Once unlocked, it is available at all levels and is exclusive to Multiplayer.

How far can airsoft snipers shoot?

Lastly, airsoft sniper rifles typically provide a max effective range of 175-225 feet (53m-68m). With that said, high-end sniper rifles are sometimes able to shoot accurately at ranges exceeding 300 feet (90m), and there are even a few assault rifles that can reach these distances as well.

What are the pros and cons of a sniper airsoft rifle?

Bolt action airsoft sniper rifles have to be cocked before each shot, much like a real rifle. This adds a realistic feel to the guns, but it also makes them more challenging to use until you get used to them. Another advantage of airsoft sniper rifles is that they can have a much further range than other air guns.

What is the best sniper rifle for airsoft?

The only officially licensed Cheytac M200 Intervention rifle available today. This is hands down the best and most powerful sniper rifle for airsoft, with upgrade potential that exceeds anything else available on the market today. Factory gun delivers 1.8 joules of power. (Check local laws before upgrading).

What is the CheyTac M200 Intervention airsoft rifle?

The Cheytac M200 Intervention rifle by SOCOM Gear is fully licensed and the only true 1:1 scale replica in the airsoft market. Much like its real counterpart this rifle is second to none. Often imitated but never duplicated.

Is the M200 Intervention a good rifle?

The M200 Intervention is a truly remarkable rifle that has branded its place in history as the best of the best. Available in a Deployment Kit which includes 2 barrels (.375 and .408), 2 Magazines, Cleaning Kit, and 100 Rounds of Ammunition.