How much do Asics GT 2000 weigh?

9.9 oz
$120 $100

Tech specs ASICS GT-2000 9
Weight 7.8 oz (W), 9.9 oz (M)
Drop 10 mm
Stack height (heel/toe) 22/12 mm (W), 21/11 mm (M)
Category Stability

When did the Asics GT 2000 come out?

The Asics GT 2000 was launched in 2012 as a replacement for the incredibly successful GT-2170. The GT 2000 is a mid-priced stability shoe which provides both high cushioning and high stability for the high mileage needs of over-pronating runners.

What pulleys fit the gt2/gt3 belt?

The GT2/GT3 pulleys manufactured by Stock Drive Products are made using licensed hobs, achieving the precise fit for the drive system. The pulleys offered here will mesh perfectly with either the GT2 or GT3 belt.

What is the difference between the PowerGrip GT2 and GT3 belt drive systems?

The PowerGrip GT2 Belt Drive System is an advance in product design over the Gates‘ older, standard HTD system, providing higher torque carrying capability and improved load carrying strength. The PowerGrip GT3 Belt Drive System is the newest design and offers additional benefits over GT2.

Are ASICS GT-2000 4 good for running?

The ASICS GT-2000 4 is a trainer that is perfect for the faster runner needing a shoe for shakeouts and the runner wanting something light that is used to the heavier models out there. It offers superb cushioning and a smooth ride.

What is PowerGrip GT4?

The latest in industrial rubber synchronous technology from Gates. PowerGrip GT4 is an ethylene elastomer high-torque synchronous belt that drives the highest power-carrying capacity of any belt in its class. Learn how the latest advancements in materials science has delivered a superior belt.