How many songs does Tamia have?

Canadian singer and songwriter Tamia has released nine albums (including seven studio albums, one extended play, and one compilation albums), and twenty-six singles (including four as a featured artist and one charity singles).

What song is Tamia known for?

Several songs from these albums became hit singles on the pop and R&B record charts, including “So Into You”, “Stranger in My House” and “Imagination” as well as her collaborations “Into You”, “Missing You” and “Spend My Life with You”.

How old is Tamia?

46 years (May 9, 1975)Tamia / Age

Does Tamia sing R&B?

A soulful, Canadian-born R&B singer and songwriter, Tamia got an early start in the music industry singing “You Put a Move on My Heart,” the first single from Quincy Jones’ 1994 hit album Q’s Jook Joint, when she was only a teenager.

Who is Tamia’s husband?

Grant HillTamia / Husband (m. 1999)

How tall is Tamia Hill?

5′ 7″Tamia / Height

Who is Tamia husband?

Who wrote Tamia so into you?

Bob Robinson
Tim KelleyLionel RichieRonald LaPread
So Into You/Composers

Who is Ashanti Married to?

Ashanti (singer)

Occupation Singer songwriter actress
Years active 2001–present
Partner(s) Nelly (2003–2014)
Musical career

Does Tamia Hill have MS?

As a mother, wife and professional singer, Tamia Hill admits she was juggling so much that she didn’t listen to the “little whispers” from her body telling her that “something was wrong.” Here, she opens up about how learning to live with multiple sclerosis led to a more balanced life.

How old is Tamia from dancing dolls?

Tamia Whittaker
Age 22
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi
Team Dancing Dolls (former) Purple Diamonds (former)
Occupation Dancer Student