How many knots are on a tzitzit?

Each tassel has eight threads (when doubled over) and five sets of knots, totaling 13. The sum of all numbers is 613, traditionally the number of commandments in the Torah.

Can you tie tzitzit at night?

According to the Rambam, there is no mitzvah to wear tzitzis at night. One might suggest that tzitzis made at night would be invalid, since they were attached at a time when there was no obligation to place tzitzis on the garment.

How long do tzitzit strings need to be?

41 The length of the eight strings must be at least 12 ordinary thumb breadths (approximately 9 inches) after the coils and knots are made. 42 One of the strings must be longer than the others so as to create the revolutions.

How do I stop tzitzit from fraying?

Squeeze a drop of glue at the end of each string. It should soak in on its own, but if it beads up, just rub it in with your gloved fingers. Repeat for every string and you’re done!

Can I cut my tzitzit?

As a tallit and tzitzit professional, I use these scissors to cut tzitzit when necessary, because according to Jewish law it is preferable not to cut the tzitzit with a metal blade. I used to use broken shards of glass, but obviously these zirconium oxide ceramic scissors work much better.

Can you cut tzitzit?

What color should tzitzit be?

blue dye
However, in modern times, many Jews believe they have identified the Ḥillazon and rediscovered tekhelet manufacture process, and now wear tzitzit which include the resulting blue dye.

Can I wear a tallit in the evening?

A tallit is also worn at night on Yom Kippur, from Kol Nidre, which begins during the daylight hours until after the evening (Ma’ariv) service.

What does a tzitzit represent?

The numerical value of tzitzit, coupled with the number of knots and strings used to make these fringes, is 613, equal to the number of commandments. Beyond feeling God’s presence, one, through the wearing of tzitzit, has a constant awareness of responsibility to God’s law.

Can you cut tzitzit with scissors?