How long of a hose can I use for airless paint sprayer?

So could I use a smaller length hose without hurting the machine? If you are using a Graco airless paint sprayer, you can use a 25′ hose! It will not hurt the machine.

What’s the difference between a 515 and a 517 spray tip?

For example, a 515 tip will spray a 10-inch-wide fan and have a 15-thousandths of an inch orifice. It’s the combination of fan-width and orifice-size that determines how thick of a coating you’ll spray. Case in point – a 317 tip and a 517 tip both have the same orifice size – 17-thousandths of an inch.

How long can an airless sprayer sit between coats?

In general, most airless paint sprayers keep liquid for approximately 3 days to 3 months. It is also an often short timeframe in which painting professionals or contractors work.

What is a 515 spray tip for?

10 inch spray pattern ideal for larger surfaces such as houses/buildings, walls and ceilings. The . 015 inch hole size is best choice for spraying interior/exterior paints, primers and enamels. Less overspray shortens cleanup time with less wasted material.

How much paint is in a 50 ft hose?

A: A 1/4″ hose will have approximately 1.3 oz per foot and a 3/8″ hose will have approximately 2.9 oz per foot. So for 50′ of hose you’re looking at 65 oz.

What is a 213 spray tip used for?

The 213 SwitchTip has a 0.013 inch orifice and produces a 4 to 6 inch fan. Reverse the SwitchTip to easily clear clogs. Used for residential, commerical or industrial applicaitions. Best used with materials ranging from lacquers, latex paints and mastics.

What is a 311 spray tip used for?

6 inch spray pattern ideal for narrow surfaces such as fences, decks and furniture. The . 011 inch hole size optimal for spraying thinner materials like semi transparent stains, water sealers, stains or polyurethanes.

Can I leave paint in my airless sprayer overnight?

But you can leave it overnight in some water with the gun and intake tube attached. If you are moving your airless, locate the 3/4 inch cap nut by finding those roller wet bags on the side. It is convenient since I usually clean it at home, and painting doesn’t have to come everywhere.

Do I have to clean airless paint sprayer between coats?

The gun does not need to be cleaned between coats as long as it is sealed. After each coat, wipe down the nozzle with a rag. A properly sprayed coat needs to be dry before use.

What is a 211 spray tip used for?

The 211 spray tip is used to work with light lacquers and spray more accurately. For example, to paint beams and window frames. To paint larger surfaces, such as ceilings or tables, it would be more appropriate to use a 411 spray tip with lacquers or paints / interior materials.

Can I leave paint in sprayer overnight?

Can You Leave Paint In An Airless Sprayer Between Coats? The paint in the gun can be left in under normal conditions until the next coat, but you need to clean the gun when you have finished painting, not while waiting in line for your next painting.