How long is a 3 D cell Maglite?


2-Cell D Flashlight 3-Cell D Flashlight
Run Time, High 8 h. 30 min. 9 h.
Drop Resistant / Water Resistant N/A / Yes – IPX4 N/A / Yes – IPX4
Length / Weight with Batteries 10 in. (254 mm) / 23 oz. (652.01 g) 12.344 in. (313 mm) / 30 oz. (856 g)
Beam Distance / Peak Beam Intensity 206 m. / 10627 cd. 254 m. / 16280 cd.

What is the diameter of a Maglite?

The outside diameter of a C-Cell MagLite is 1.55″. Both measurements were taken with a digital caliper and rounded to the closest 100th of an inch.

How long is a Maglite flashlight?

19.48 inches
Technical Details

Brand ‎MagLite
Assembled Length ‎19.48 inches
Assembled Width ‎2.19 inches
Item Package Quantity ‎1
Style ‎Cell Flashlight

Can you convert Maglite to LED?

The easiest way to upgrade your older incandescent Maglite is by buying a LED PR bulb replacement. Maglite has provided these PR LED emitter bulb replacements for many years. They are an easy way to increase brightness and extend the runtime of the Maglite multifold above that of the incandescent.

What is the ID of a Maglite?

The standard “D” Cell Maglite Tube has an ID of 1.350″.

What are the threads on a Maglite?

The Interior thread of the Battery End Adapter is 1/2″x28, 5/8×24, 3/4×16, 13/16×16 (select from drop down list) and the Bulb End Cap is center marked.

How big is a Mag Lite?

14.76 x 1.55 x 1.55 inches
$27.54 & FREE Shipping….Technical Details.

Manufacturer ‎MAGLITE
Product Dimensions ‎14.76 x 1.55 x 1.55 inches
Item model number ‎S4D016
Batteries ‎4 D batteries required.

What size bulb does a Maglite use?


MagLite Bulb Series MagLite Model Number Batteries Used
White Star 3-cell * LWSA301 3-D
Magnum Star 3-cell * LMSA301 3-C
Magnum Star II 3-cell LMXA301 3-C

When was the first Maglite torch made?

Maglite Torches & Accessories. Armed with only his talent, his determination and his reverence for hard work, Tony Maglica set out in pursuit of the American Dream when he founded Mag Instrument in 1955. He went on to design and manufacture a torch that revolutionised the category.

What is a Maglite flashlight?

The Maglite flashlight is internationally accepted as the Professional Flashlight. Built tough enough to last a lifetime, its durability and innovative features now combined with the new MAG-LED Technology make the Maglite LED flashlight a technologically advanced lighting instrument. Available in 2 and 3 Cell D size

How far does the Mini Maglite pro LED flashlight beam throw?

The Mini Maglite Pro LED Flashlight’s beam throw is 188 yards (172m). That’s almost 2 football fields! Yet, it’s small enough to fit right into your pocket or purse. Pretty powerful. Or, should we say pretty and powerful. It comes in several different colors so you can pick one that perfectly fits your style.

What happens if you put a 2 cell light in Mag-Lite?

For instance, if you have a 4-Cell Mag-Lite® flashlight and you put a 2-Cell or 3-Cell lamp inside, it will burn out very rapidly because the 4-Cell flashlight runs at a higher voltage than the lamp of a 2 or 3-Cell flashlight was designed to handle.