How long does Samsung S3 battery last?

to four days
With the Gear S3, you can go for up to four days before putting it down for a charge. Its battery lasts that long. *Battery life may vary depending on usage and settings.

What battery does a Galaxy S3 use?

Lithium ion batteries
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Number of Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Compatible Phone Models Samsung Galaxy S3
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How many mAh is S3?

The battery capacity is 2100 mAh and the main processor is a Exynos 4412 with 1 GB of RAM….Samsung Galaxy S3 Specifications.

Specifications Highlights
Battery 2100 mAh
Design IP Rating , 133g (4.7oz), 136.6×70.6×8.6 mm (5.38 x 2.78 x 0.34 inches)

How do I make my Samsung watch 3 battery last longer?

  1. 1: Disable AOD (Always On Display)
  2. 2: Use a Dark Watch Face.
  3. 3: Lower the Screen Brightness.
  4. 4: Enable “Power Saving Mode.”
  5. 5: Disables Bixby’s “Voice Wake Up” Function.
  6. 6: Install the Latest Updates.
  7. 7: Disable Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring.
  8. 8: Close Background Apps.

How do I extend the battery life on my Samsung Gear S3?

Here are 9 tips.

  1. When you are not using the Gear, switch to sleep mode by covering the screen with your palm.
  2. Activate Power Saving Mode.
  3. Close Unnecessary Apps.
  4. Deactivate the Bluetooth feature when not in use.
  5. Deactivate the Wi-Fi feature when not in use.
  6. Reduce Screen Brightness.
  7. Deactivate the Watch always on feature.

How long should a Samsung watch battery last?

Where Android watches would only promise 24 hours of battery life, Samsung promised up to 3 days of endurance! And with light to moderate use, going two days without having to charge those watches was quite easy, even on the smaller models with their lower-capacity batteries.

Why is my gear s3 dying so fast?

The GPS in your watch can drain the battery quickly, depending on how often the watch requests your location. Go to Settings > Connections > Location. Tap the toggle switch to turn off location services or choose to use GPS, Wi-Fi, or both.