How long does it take to float the Ichetucknee?

about two hours
It will take you about two hours to float down to the Last Take Out where a tram will shuttle you back to the parking area. There is also an exit at the 45-minute mark at Dampier’s Landing. You can always get out there and walk back to the South parking lot.

How much does it cost to float down ichetucknee?

The full Ichetucknee Springs tubing operation is open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Admission to the park is $6 per vehicle (up to 8 people), and the charge for the tubing tram is $5.50.

Can you drink on the Ichetucknee?

Fireworks, alcohol, and hunting are prohibited within the park. Coolers, floating coolers, food and disposable containers are prohibited on the river. Water is permitted on the river in non-disposable containers only.

Can you paddleboard on Ichetucknee?

Paddling Adventures is the only Ichetucknee Springs tube, kayak, canoe and stand up paddleboard rental facility located inside Ichetucknee Springs State Park in Florida. Paddle these crystal-clear waters downstream at your own pace with family and friends.

Can you bring your own tube to Blue Springs State Park?

Blue Spring Tips If you plan on going tubing, you can either bring your own tube or hire from the park. If the park is full, you cannot reenter until there is space. Manatees are only present in winter months.

Can I bring my own tube to Ichetucknee Springs?

Can I bring my own tube or rent my tube outside the park? Private tubes and outside tube rentals are allowed, however, rental through Paddling Adventures within the park is recommended for convenience. Tube transportation services are not available for private tubes or outside rentals.

What kind of fish are in the Ichetucknee River?

Common fish species include several varieties of sunfish, Suwannee and largemouth bass, lake chubsucker, shiners and striped mullet. Mammals that are often seen in the Ichetucknee River include river otters and beavers.

Are there manatees at Ichetucknee?

In the winter, you have a chance to spot deer in the woods. otters in the water or, as temperatures chill, manatees in Ichetucknee Springs State Park. In March and April, it’s alligator gar breeding season and hundreds of the long prehistoric-looking fish gather.

How to get to Ichetucknee Springs State Park?

Ichetucknee Springs State Park South Entrance. Beginning near the head spring, discover the splendor of nature paddling the Ichetucknee River. Park at the South Entrance where you will be transported by van or bus to the north canoe launch to start your trip.

Why visit the Ichetucknee River?

BOOK NOW! Fed by nine springs, the Ichetucknee River lets visitors experience the natural beauty of its blue-green waterways year-round. Let the gentle current of the bright turquoise river guide you on a relaxing retreat through shaded hammocks and forests of cypress, maple, oak and pine.

Where can I rent a paddleboard at Ichetucknee Springs?

Let the gentle current of the Ichetucknee River guide you downstream as you surround yourself with the sights and sounds of nature at one of Florida’s premier places for paddling. Paddling Adventures is the only Ichetucknee Springs tube, kayak, canoe and stand up paddleboard rental facility located inside Ichetucknee Springs State Park in Florida.

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