How heavy is a Meyers plow?

Meyer Lot Pro Plow Blade LD 7′ 5″

Blade Width 7 ft. 6 in.
Cutting Edge 1/2 x 6 in.
Plowing Width 81 in.
Weight 773 lb.

How much does a snow plow for a pickup truck cost?

A truck-mounted snow plow can cost as little as $1,299 to over $4,000 depending on the brand, size, and features of the plow itself. With so many plow designs available, the best way to choose a snow plow for your truck is to first determine what kind of plow you need.

How much does a Meyer 8 foot plow weigh?

8′ Contractor Plow

Part #: 09246 Blade Type: Moldboard Length: 8′ 244 cm
Moldboard Gauge: 3/8” Poly N/A Vertical Ribs: 6 Plow Trip Springs: 4
Avg Width at Full Angle: 84″ 213 cm Angling Rams: 1-1/2” x 12″ 2,54 cm x 30,48 cm Weight Complete: 908 lbs 412 kg

Who owns Meyer plow?

The ASH Group is the parent company of European brands Schmidt and Aebi, globally offering a comprehensive and technologically advanced range of products for winter and summer maintenance focused primarily on the industrial, commercial, airport and railway sectors.

Why buy a Meyer plow?

With an unparalleled 92 years of experience, Meyer has been a leader in the snow plow industry, providing top-notch solutions for both professional, personal and off-road applications. They were the first to introduce electric hydraulic lifts, snow plow headlights, as well as a single-stick controller for re-positioning the plow.

How do I compare Meyer’s C-series plows?

Compare Meyer’s C-Series plows with the Lot Pro model using our interactive tool. Considering a snow plow upgrade? Switch from your Classic Meyer Plow to an all-new Meyer Pro Series moldboard for about half the price of a new complete plow system.

Why buy Meyer lot pro plows with Nite Saber LED lights?

That’s why all Meyer Lot Pro plows come equipped with brilliant Nite Saber® LED lights. Not only are they brighter than standard lights, they have a longer life expectancy and draw less power from your electrical system. Nite Saber® lights are fully adjustable and iso-mounted to resist vibration.

What is the operating system on a Meyer mower?

Meyer is pleased to offer two operating systems: The all-new Standard Operating System™ and the EZ-Mount Plus™ system. The Standard Operating System* has been designed to provide industry-leading ground clearance and is equipped with an adjustable drop speed and Nite Saber lights.