How do you write a continuation in a story?

Here are seven rules I’ve learned through my own experience:Don’t just pick up where the last story left off. Give the reader something new. Make the stakes different. Play with Expectations. Include at least one great new character. Don’t be afraid to let beloved characters go.

How do you make a story longer?

How can I make my story longer?Hi Tess,First idea: Show Don’t Tell.Try ‘showing’ step-by-step, rather than just saying what happened. Second idea: Add another scene.Someone else arrived. Try a funny character if it’s a serious book, a serious one if it’s a funny book. Should you make them more complex, deeper, with more thoughts and ambitions?

How do you find someone to write a story?

Other avenues include Googling “hire a ghost writer,” writing to a few literary agencies to ask if they can recommend any ghost writers and, for the truly ambitious, look for co-author names on books (or in the acknowledgements) you consider well-written and in your particular area of interest.

What do you call a life story?

biography. nounaccount of person’s life. adventures. autobiography. bio.