How do you use whither in a sentence?

Examples of whither in a Sentence Adverb He grew up in New York City whither his family had immigrated in the early 1920s. whither are you going, my lady?

What is the difference between weather and whether?

Whether is a conjunction meaning if. Wether is a neutered goat or sheep. Weather is the state of the atmosphere.

How do you remember weather and whether?

Get a memory trick to remember the spelling of “weather” and “whether.” People often have trouble remembering which word is spelled “weather” and which word is spelled “whether.” Here’s my memory trick: Weather (such as a storm) affects the sea, and “sea” is spelled with an “ea” just like “weather.”

Is the word whither obsolete?

(intransitive, obsolete, dialectal) To wuther. To which specified place or position. Landed on the shores whither the storm had tossed them.

What is the opposite of whither?

We have listed all the opposite words for wither alphabetically. bloom. blossom. blossoming. bud.

What is a synonym for whither?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for whither, like: where, toward what place?, whithersoever, in what direction?, againe, whence, condition, place, thither, position and result.

How do you use wether?

Wether means a castrated male sheep or goat….Here are some examples of the word wether in a sentence:

  1. The shepherd bought a new wether to add to his flock.
  2. All the other sheep in the flock will follow the lead wether.
  3. I saw some strong wethers at the goat market.

Is there a word wether?

Wether now typically refers to a castrated male sheep, although the word initially had the meaning of simply “a male sheep,” without any indication of its reproductive abilities. Wether serves as the second component of the word bellwether (“one that takes the lead or initiative” or “an indicator of trends”).

Is whether it be grammatically correct?

“Whether it be” is correct, but the great majority of people say “whether it is”. In my opinion, the English subjunctive is usually not necessary to convey the message, which is what really matters.

What is the synonym of wither?

atrophy, decay, deflate, deteriorate, disintegrate, dry, fade, languish, perish, shrink, shrivel, wane, wilt, blast, blight, collapse, constrict, contract, desiccate, die.

What’s another word for withering away?

What is another word for wither away?

wither fade
disappear diminish
dwindle evaporate
languish lessen
shrink ebb away