How do you use the ferry in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

It pops up when you park on the anchor and says to hit the Enter button to use the ferry . After you hit Enter you can choose a destination. Depending on the ferry location there may be 1 destination or multiple destinations. You might have to back out and use your map (M) to figure out which one you need.

Can you walk around in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Walk mode is in truck modifcation at a garage/repair shop only. In Photo Mode, there is no “fly”, all it is is to use the WSAD keys + mouse, to move around and Up & Down.

Do you sleep on the ferry ETS2?

You also get fully rested on ferry rides that take at least that long, and partially rested on shorter ones. There is one difference between sleeping and taking a ferry. Sleep takes nine hours in game time and resets your driving time to 11 hours whatever it was before you slept.

How accurate are the roads in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

The road signs, trucks, cars and street furniture are very real, as are the roads. But it is all very condensed, and the cities are not accurate at all. Just some scenery to make you feel like you are in such and such a city.

How can I reduce ets2?

just open steam UI (SHIFT+TAB) then you can use ALT+TAB or WIN key <3.

How do you sleep in ets2?

Unfortunately you have to either go to a rest stop off the highway or any one of the areas in a city with a blue bed symbol (hotels, repair shops, etc). Once you pull in, it should say “press e to turn off engine” then once you do, it will say “press enter to sleep”.

How long do you rest for ets2?

Unless one has the “Fatigue simulation” option disabled, in Euro Truck Simulator 2, rest should be taken every 11 hours, while the rest itself lasts for 9 hours. In American Truck Simulator, you should rest every 14 hours, while you rest for 10 hours.

Are truck simulator maps real?

As it turns out, American Truck Simulator will be very true to life. The studio used Google Maps to create the world, so driving actual routes, like San Francisco to Los Angeles, is possible. I can’t wait for the mod that basically recreates Desert Bus in HD.

How do you get to the desktop in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Yeah, CTRL Shift Escape will bring task manager up directly, but just pressing Alt Tab should take you to the desktop as well. You can also do Windows Key + Tab instead of Alt Tab.

How do you minimize ATS?

When you alt-tab from the game, you can still see the game on the screen but you also have access to your windows taskbar, etc. Brings you to the desktop and minimizes all programs. Brings you to the desktop and minimizes all programs.

What happens if you dont rest ETS2?

If you neglect messages remaining about taking a rest, the notifications will become more frequent, you will hear yawning sound and the picture will get darker with displayed “falling asleep” message. However, it does not limit your driving ability therefore you may continue and deliver the cargo.

Is there a ferry in Truck Simulator 2 Scandinavia?

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia most notably came with multiple ports to travel through the region. Norway is the only country which all its 4 featured cities have ferry links. In American Truck Simulator, a ferry was introduced in the Washington DLC between Port Angeles and Everett shown on the map as .

How do you use ferries in Euro Truck Simulator?

Truckers can use ferries by driving trucks to seaports, shown on the map as , paying the transport fee, wait for the vessel’s arrival and then resume driving. They were introduced in Euro Truck Simulator Gold Edition, with a small port consisting of a Rest Stop.

How do I get to the Eurotunnel?

In case of the Eurotunnel you have to park on the train wagon and go under the English Channel. Use the map to get to the loading place (each side has one such place).

What is a ferry and how does it work?

A ferry is a facility by which truckers may get across seas. Truckers can use ferries by driving trucks to seaports, shown on the map as , paying the transport fee, wait for the vessel’s arrival and then resume driving.