How do you use poltroon in a sentence?

Poltroon in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The poltroon was the coward who sent an anonymous hate letter to the president.
  2. Because the soldier was a poltroon, he abandoned his comrades in battle.
  3. The bully fled like a poltroon when his victims united and threatened him.

What does rostrum mean?

Definition of rostrum 1 [Latin Rostra, plural, a platform for speakers in the Roman Forum decorated with the beaks of captured ships, from plural of rostrum] a : an ancient Roman platform for public orators. b : a stage for public speaking. c : a raised platform on a stage.

Who is a milksop?

Definition of milksop : a weak or cowardly man.

What is a Scrimshanker?

(ˈʃɜːkə ) noun. a person who avoids work.

What is the meaning of Agathokakological?

composed of both good and evil
Definition of agathokakological : composed of both good and evil.

What does cassock mean in English?

Definition of cassock : a close-fitting ankle-length garment worn especially in Roman Catholic and Anglican churches by the clergy and by laypersons assisting in services.

What is a Larsonist?

a person who commits larceny. synonyms: larcener. type of: stealer, thief. a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it.

What does MilSO stand for?

Let’s start at the beginning: The word MilSO stands for “military significant other.” While that could include military spouses, it typically means someone who is in a relationship with a service member: girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancés, and fiancées are all milsos.

What is the origin of the word poltroon?

English picked up poltroon from Middle French, which in turn got it from Old Italian poltrone, meaning “coward.” The Italian term has been traced to the Latin pullus, a root that is also an ancestor of pullet (“a young hen”) and poultry.

What is the origin of the word Poultron?

Middle French poultron, from Old Italian poltrone, probably akin to poltro colt, ultimately from Latin pullus young of an animal — more at foal You Won’t Believe These 10 Words Come…

Can the weakest poltroon erase himself from existence?

It would be easier for the weakest poltroon that lives, to erase himself from existence, than to erase one letter of his name or crimes from the knitted register of Madame Defarge.”

Are Russians over-apt to play the poltroon?

Russians, when abroad, are over-apt to play the poltroon, to watch all their words, and to wonder what people are thinking of their conduct, or whether such and such a thing is ‘comme il faut.’ In short, they are over-apt to cosset themselves, and to lay claim to great importance.