How do you unlock costumes in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2?

Most costumes are unlocked by simply defeating 50 enemies with the character. Some characters require you to choose either Pro or Anti Registration which normally meant this achievement required two playthrus to unlock, however unlike the X360, the addon characters count towards this achievement.

How do you get juggernaut in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2?

Available: Juggernaut is only available as a pre-order bonus. If you pre-ordered the game and received your Juggernaut code, you can download him from the PlayStation Store/Xbox Live Marketplace and use him beginning with Castle Doom.

What are Juggernaut’s powers?

Powers and abilities As the Juggernaut, Marko possesses superhuman strength, being capable of shattering mountains, lifting and using buildings as weapons, and extreme durability.

How do you unlock Thor?

Just hit Avengers Initiative on the main menu and you’ll instantly unlock Thor alongside all the other playable characters. This is where all the post-story online content is, so beware spoilers!

What to expect in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2?

In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, players must choose their side and team up to battle or interact with returning favorites and all-new characters, whose powers can be combined to unleash astonishing attacks.

How many M’Kraan fragments does it take to unlock the Hulk?

Collecting 5 M’ Kraan Fragments unlocks Jean Grey, 5 Asgardian Runes unlocks Thor and 5 Gamma Regulators unlocks Hulk. Collecting 10 does… nothing.

How do I get the M’Kraan fragment?

Explore the opened door to the south for an Audio Log and a M’Kraan Fragment (10/10). Now cross the hallway into the room to the north. You’ll have to avoid the Decon Field waves each time you pass across the hall — some characters are immune to its damage (like Storm) and are preferable to others for this stretch.

How do I unlock Hulk and Jean Grey?

M’Kraan Fragment – Collecting five of these Fragments unlocks Jean Grey. There are ten in total. Gamma Regulator – Collecting five of these Regulators unlocks Hulk. There are ten in total. You’ll have to play both versions of the game — Rebel and Register — to collect all the M’ Kraan Fragments, Asgardian Runes and Gamma Regulators.