How do you sharpen an ultrasonic scaler tip?

While ultrasonic tips cannot be sharpened they do need to be replaced when worn. Either way, you slice it (no pun intended), dental hygienists need to maintain sharp instruments.

How do you clean a scaler handpiece?

The cleaning method for scaler handpieces recommended by Satelec is manual or automated. Scaler handpieces and their accessories (nosepiece, LED ring, optical guide, cord pass-through depending on model) must be cleaned with extreme care. Do not immerse or place scaler handpieces in an ultrasonic cleaner.

What are the types of ultrasonic scalers?

There are currently two main types of ultrasonic scalers (the piezoelectric and magnetostrictive varieties), but both work the same way — electromagnetic forces coursing through the hand-held unit cause its tiny tip to vibrate rapidly.

How long does a cavitron tip last?

Inserts will last approximately 8-15 months depending on the type of tip and hours used. Periodically check Inserts for wear with the Cavitron™ Insert Efficiency Indicator. Are your Cavitron™ inserts worn? for SRP procedures.

Can you put piezo tips in ultrasonic?

Piezo tips should remain within the wrench during the cleaning and care cycle. If cassettes are not used, carefully place the insert/tip in the ultrasonic cleaner either alone or in a location where it will not be subject to the weight of other dental instruments.

What are piezo tips?

Piezo scaling tips are paired with piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling units to remove calculus, plaque and more that build up on and around a patient’s teeth and gums. Tips screw directly into the handpiece and are made from different materials from carbon composite to diamond.

How do you sterilize scaler tips?

 Rinse under demineralized water (< 38 °C) with the aid of a brush  Then remove any liquid residues (absorbent cloth, blow dry with compressed air). Do not place the handpiece and the tip changer in disinfectant solution or in an ultrasonic bath. You can clean and disinfect the tips in a bur bath or ultrasonic bath.

Which is better cavitron or piezo?

Both piezo and magnetostrictive (eg. Cavitron) can be effective if used correctly. The Cavitron has more active surfaces and so is somewhat less technique sensitive when it comes to calculus removal. BUT it is more technique sensitive when it comes to minimizing root damage.