How do you set up Resolume?

Simply download the installer from the Resolume website, run the install file and follow the instructions. The website will detect whether you’re on a Mac or PC and offer you the correct download for your system.

What is the best format for Resolume?

For the very best performance in Resolume you should use the Resolume DXV codec. It is by far the fastest codec because Resolume can decompress the video frames on the GPU instead of the CPU.

How do you use Dashboard in Resolume?

To add a parameter to the Dashboard, simply drag it to the dial you need it at. If you want to be nerdy and take more time than necessary, you can also select Dashboard from the animation drop down, and then select the dial you want. Tip!

How do you add clips to resolume?

Triggering a clip is as simple as clicking its thumbnail. When you’re sick of a clip, you can either trigger a new one in its place. Or press the big X to the left of the layer to eject it.

What is Resolume arena?

Resolume Arena Media Server Arena has everything Avenue has, plus advanced options for projection mapping and blending projectors. Control it from a lighting desk and sync to the DJ via SMPTE timecode.

How do you change the output of a Resolume?

Each screen represents an output going out of Resolume. To setup a screen, right click on it on the left hand side. You will see a dropdown of all outputs that are connected to your computer. You can choose which output this screen should use.

Can Resolume play MOV?

Re: supported file types Resolume should be using . MOV with the DXV3 codec. It runs poorly with avi and isn’t designed for those files.

Does Resolume play MP4?

Re: MP4 files won’t play on Resolume 6 mov and they will play. But MP4 is compressed and will not perform as well.

What is a deck in resolume?

Decks are like the records in a DJs record bag. Keep them organised so you can always reach for the right selection. Decks are accessed through the set of buttons just below the clip layers. Each deck has a name. When you select a deck, all of the clips in the deck are displayed in their layers.