How do you pay for Broadbeach parking?

You can pay for parking using cash, credit cards or the EasyPark app.

Is Gold Coast parking still free?

From tomorrow, all parking across the Gold Coast will become completely free. Mayor Tom Tate confirmed council had decided to switch off all of the city’s parking metres in a bid to help support local business and everyone still working through the coronavirus crisis.

How much is street parking in Gold Coast?

Metered parking Charges are $4.20 per hour.

Can you swim at Broadwater Parklands?

Broadwater Parklands is located across from Australia Fair shopping centre, overlooking the Gold Coast Broadwater. It features an extensive playground, cafes, picnic areas and places to swim, making it the perfect place for the kids to enjoy all year round.

How do you use parking meters on the Gold Coast?

You will need to: enter your vehicle registration details….For card payment:

  1. use the left or right arrows to choose your length of stay.
  2. press OK.
  3. use your card to finalise the payment (tap or insert your card).

Where can I park for free in Southport?

Free parking in Southport is available at Botanic Gardens in Churchtown and the RSPB at Marshside, so visitors to either of these attractions are catered for. If you prefer the convenience of using your car, Southport really is accessible and parking is easy to find.

Can you park across your own driveway Gold Coast?

You must not stop for more than 2 minutes across a driveway or across any other access for vehicles. You can stop for up to 2 minutes if: you are dropping off or picking up passengers.

Is street parking free Gold Coast?

#5: Street Parking: There are other affordable car parking options in Surfers Paradise instead of free car parking Surfers Paradise. Gold Coast City Council operated street metered parking is available from $3.90 per hour as marked.

How close can you park to a driveway Gold Coast?

Motorists must not park on a road or in a position that obstructs access by vehicles or pedestrians to, or from, a footpath ramp or driveway. When parked parallel to the kerb, motorists must leave at least three metres of clear roadway between their vehicle and another vehicle, the centreline, dividing strips etc.

Are there sharks in Gold Coast Broadwater?

FISHERMEN guard their fishing spots fiercely but amateur Gold Coast shark hunters have revealed the city’s hot spots for the toothy predators. Kaiden Anderson with a 2.5 metre bull shark caught in the Broadwater recently.

Can you swim at Hota?

The HOTA Parklands swimming lagoon is located behind the City’s Council Chambers, off Bundall Road. The lagoon offers a sheltered swimming environment with adjacent beach and recreational areas. Surrounding amenities include toilets and showers, picnic areas with barbecues and shaded seating.