How do you multiply momentum?

Here’s how:

  1. Activate. your benefits. Create an online profile and link your partner rewards cards to your Momentum Multiply profile to start earning cashbacks and discounts.
  2. Safe Dayz™ and. Safety Score. Multiply rewards you for the steps you take to improve your safety.
  3. Active Dayz™ and. Healthy Heart Score.

Does Momentum Multiply free?

Qualifying Schemes It’s easy – Multiply Starter is free if you have a Momentum product, if you are a member of a qualifying medical scheme or employer group. If you belong to any of the schemes below, you’re already on your way to living your life, Multiplied.

How do you stop momentum from multiplying?

Cancellations are allowed by calling the Multiply Travel Desk on 0861 100 155 72hrs before check-in date. Refunds are allowed if the cancellation is done 72hrs before check-in, a death certificate or a Dr’s note confirming hospitalization is produced. Please call the Multiply Travel Desk on 0861 100 155.

Which is better vitality or multiply?

Vitality will give you 25% cash back on a healthy food spend at Woolworths or Pick n Pay, while Multiply is offering 12% at Pick n Pay. Mango flights are up to 50% cheaper through Multiply, while Vitality gives you 35% back through Kulula flights.

What is multiply money?

Multiply Money is a free benefit for Multiply members that gives you access to a savings wallet and a payment wallet. To help kick-start your savings, your Multiply cashbacks are conveniently deposited into your savings wallet.

Is momentum multiply a medical aid?

If you belong to Multiply and Momentum Medical Scheme, you have access to monthly HealthReturns, cashbacks, and discounts from leading brands like Virgin Active, Planet Fitness, Fitbit, Dis-Chem, Smokenders, and more. *Per family, per month, based on Multiply Premier and Momentum Medical Scheme membership.

How can I improve my multiply status?

Earn points for making a deposit of R500 or more every month and maintaining your savings wallet balance. The more you save, the more you earn. Keep your policies with Momentum and/or Momentum Metropolitan-administered schemes active and automatically get points awarded every year. Get Multiply now!

How do I check my momentum balance?

1. Go to and click on LOGIN at the top right of the screen. 2. Under My Momentum, enter the username and password that you selected when you created your online profile and then click LOG IN.

How do you claim momentum?

How to submit a car and home insurance claim

  1. Call. 0860 006 784.
  2. Email. [email protected].
  3. App. Download Momentum App.

Can you have vitality & multiply?

If a member is, for example, is on the silver reward level on Vitality, they will be able to become a gold member on Multiply. Both Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply are reward programmes designed to give consumers incentives to live healthier lives.

Does Momentum have vitality?

Discovery Vitality achieved a score of 70.6, which was in line with the average, while the Momentum Multiply score of 66.4 was below industry average….Insurance loyalty programmes compared: Sanlam Reality vs Discovery Vitality vs Momentum Multiply.

Rewards Programme Satisfaction Score
Momentum Multiply 66.4

What can I do with Multiply money?

Use your Multiply Money Card or use your Multiply Money app to make mobile payments at our selected retail partners. You can also spend your cashbacks on the Multiply online shop, using Multiply Money as a method of payment. Yes. You can send money to other Multiply Money users through the Multiply Money app.