How do you fix a dry fountain pen?

If you think your fountain pen has dried out because of clogging, the first step is to try flushing it with warm water. The best way to do this is by unscrewing the pen, removing the cartridge and pouring warm water into the feed and through the nib to flush out any hardened ink or sediment.

Why is my fountain pen not writing smoothly?

Reasons your fountain pen doesn’t write smoothly: the nib is damaged, having misaligned tines. the nib is misconfigured, writing too dry. the feed is clogged. you use the wrong paper.

Why does my fountain pen hard start?

In most cases, a hard starting fountain pen comes down to a feed problem. The feed is an intricate black plastic labyrinth that controls the leak of ink to the nib. Over time, it can clog up with ink pigment, dust, or even paper particles. Every fountain pen needs a good clean now and then.

Do fountain pens dry out?

Fountain pens dry out because the water content of the ink evaporates over time. The most common issues that result in a dry fountain pen are: an improperly sealing cap; a clogged feed; improper storage; using an ink that’s too thick; or the climate is too dry.

How do I get my fountain pen to write again?

If the shake and tap method don’t remedy the poor ink flow, wet the nib with some tap or distilled water. The water will reactivate any dried ink in the nib and should get a hard-starting pen started again.

How do I widen my fountain pen nib?

To widen the gap, I just grab each underside of the tines with the nails on my forefingers and tug apart. I do a little at a time, checking with my loupe afterwards. To narrow the gap, I just push one side of the tip OVER the other for a moment, then repeat from the other side.

Why does my fountain pen feel scratchy?

If a nib that previously wrote smoothly has suddenly turned scratchy, it has probably suffered some sort of trauma. The most common being misalignment. If bumped or dropped one of the tines can move in relation with the other. This is the first thing to look for.

How long does it take for a fountain pen to dry out?

Although the majority of modern fountain pens should be fine with their ink being left in them for a week or two without the ink drying out, some can dry out in a matter of days even when kept in optimal conditions.

How do you get dried ink out of nibs?

Just fill up a cup with tap water, and keep that cup beside you as you create calligraphy. Every couple of minutes, when your ink flow starts to get impeded by ink drying on the nib, swish the ink off in your “art water” for about two seconds. Then, quickly pat the nib dry with a cloth and start writing again.

How to clean a dried out fountain pen?

– Flushing Vs Soaking! – How To Clean Dried Ink From Nibs Fast! Cleaning Your Pen Nib With Flush Solution! Can You Use Vinegar To Clean A Fountain Pen Nib? – Conclusion

Why is my fountain pen not working?

Flushing Your Fountain Pen. Your pen may not be working due to a partially clogged or fully clogged feed system.

  • Prime the Ink. A cartridge converter style pen allows you to prime the ink.
  • The Type of Paper You are Using. Different kinds of paper will accept ink in different ways.
  • Type of Ink.
  • Bottom Line.
  • How do you unclog a fountain pen?

    Tattoo gun

  • Thin needles
  • Ink
  • Paper towels
  • Alcohol solution
  • How to revive dried out pens?

    – Be careful not to burn yourself or melt the pen. Hold just the very tip of the nib in the flame, and don’t do it for longer than 2-3 seconds. – If you’re worried about melting the barrel of your pen, remove the cartridge first. – Scribble on some paper right away to get the ink moving and check if your pen works.