How do you establish credibility in a persuasive speech?

The following strategies can help speakers convince their listeners that they deserve trust and respect:Dress the part. Look at the audience. Speak loudly, clearly, and confidently. State your credentials. Reveal a personal connection to your topic. Establish common ground with your audience.

How do you prove credibility?

Credibility is your best currency, with it you are solvent without you are bankrupt.Be trustworthy. To cultivate credibility you must build trust, earn trust and get trust. Be competent. Be consistent. Be genuine. Be sincere. Be respectful. Be accountable. Be loyal.

What is a good credibility statement?

Credibility statements can refer to your extensive research on a topic, your life-long interest in an issue, your personal experience with a thing, or your desire to better the lives of your listeners by sifting through the topic and providing the crucial information. …

What does lack of credibility mean?

1 : the quality or power of inspiring belief an account lacking in credibility.

How is credibility important?

The Importance of Credibility Building credibility is an essential component of keeping clients. When you establish credibility, your clients, customers, and peers respect you, vouch for you, and continue to use your business because they feel connected to what you say, do, and stand for.

What are the two most important factors affecting the credibility of a persuasive speaker?

B. A speaker’s credibility is affected by two primary factors-competence and character. 1. Competence refers to how an audience regards a speaker’s intelligence, expertise, and knowledge of the subject.