How do you do a Stay-at-Home Tea fundraiser?

How to Have a Stay-at-Home Tea Fundraiser

  1. Assemble your mailing list.
  2. Purchase tea bags to include with your invitations.
  3. Write a letter describing your organization, its goals, and what the money raised will be used for.
  4. Include a stamped self addressed envelope, if your budget allows the up front expenditure.

What is a stay-at-home tea?

With a Stay-At-Home tea, it’s a great way to have a no-party tea party. The concept is simple. Create an invitation and insert a Scripture Tea bag. The date is open, the place is the guest’s home, dress is casual, and the event is a private tea party.

How do you organize a high tea fundraiser?

Decide a date for the high tea. Promote the fundraiser. Organise the venue. Organise ticketing arrangements….For a high tea you could approach them to help:

  1. Promote and sell the tickets.
  2. Bake yummy treats.
  3. Organise and run any additional fundraising activities to run on the day.
  4. Help logistically on the day.

What happens at a tea party?

Originally, in a tea party, loose leaf tea was provided in a teapot along with milk and sugar. Variety of food including sandwiches, scones, cakes, pastries and biscuits were served alongside tea in a tiered arrangement. Food served in tea parties was according to a particular season.

Who pours the tea?

Pouring your tea Normally, the most senior party at the table will offer to pour the tea once it arrives. Etiquette dictates that only one person should handle the teapot, so make sure you know who that is. The teapot can be both hot and heavy, so if you’re the one pouring make sure you do it very carefully.

What is a cream tea party?

Cream tea is afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, pastries and scones with clotted cream and jam.

Can you ask for more sandwiches at afternoon tea?

You can ask for more scones, sandwiches, cakes and tea—not that you’ll need it. Afternoon tea is usually quite filling, which brings us to our next point… Do treat afternoon tea as a meal.

How do Scots drink their tea?

Each Scottish tea has a unique taste. To determine what you prefer, first take a sip of the tea without milk or sugar. Then, you will discover the real flavor of each tea. You may discover you really prefer one type of tea over another.