How do you coach a 10 year old volleyball?

  1. How to coach youth volleyball.
  2. Keep volleyball practice fun.
  3. Minimize technical practice and maximize drills.
  4. Practice progressions.
  5. Practice individual passing and setting drills.
  6. Practice hitting approach.
  7. Conduct in-game simulations.

How do beginner volleyball players move their feet?

Toss the ball in front of the player but to a spot that will be hard for her to reach — throw it to the left or to the right of the player, low to the ground or very short. She has to anticipate where the ball is heading, then react quickly by moving her feet to get under the ball.

What are some good volleyball drills?

Separate your players into two even teams.

  • The first players in the line will serve as soon as the whistle is blown.
  • Immediately after players serve the ball,that player has to sprint to get their ball and run it back to the next person in line.
  • How to master basic volleyball moves?

    Basic indoor volleyball can be broken into three parts: passing, setting, and hitting. Each of these can be mastered through practice, coordination, and proper form. To master each of them, you have to start off with proper footwork and work your way into practicing with a ball.

    What are some single person volleyball drills?

    What are some single person volleyball drills? Volleyball Hitting Drills For One Person (Solo) Hitting The Wall. You can almost always find a wall to practice against. Jump Squat Exercise. One of the parts of hitting you can work on by yourself is your jumping power. One of the best exercises for this is jump squats. Bouncy Medicine Ball Exercise.

    What are some 5 skills used in volleyball?

    Forearm passing (also known as bumping)

  • Volleying
  • Setting
  • Digging
  • Attacking
  • Blocking
  • Serving