How do you cite an anonymous author in APA?

No Author(s)/Anonymous)No Author(s)When you cannot identify the author(s) of the source, use the first few words of the reference list entry, usually the title, and the year for the in text citation. Titles of articles, chapters, and web pages need double quotation marks. Anonymous Author (see APA, section 6.15, p.

How do you cite an anonymous author MLA?

If the author is known only by initials, treat the initials as one unit. Use the initials in your in-text citation and list the entry under the first initial in your Works Cited page. If and only if an item is signed as being created by Anonymous, use “Anonymous” where you’d normally put the author’s name.

How do you write an anonymous reference?

Write “Anonymous” in place of the author’s name in the parenthetical reference if it is used in the source, for example: (“Anonymous, 2008). Cite the source by its title if neither an author’s name nor the word “anonymous” is present. Use an abbreviated title if the title is long.

How do you reference a policy?

Government / Official PublicationName of government department or committee.Year of publication (in round brackets).Title (in italics).Place of pulication: publisher.Series or paper number (in brackets) – if applicable.