How do I use JavaMail?

To Read a Message Using JavaMail

  1. Import the packages that you need.
  2. Look up the JavaMail session.
  3. Override the JavaMail session properties if necessary.
  4. Get a Store object from the Session , then connect to the mail server using the Store object’s connect method.
  5. Get the INBOX folder.

How do I use Gmail as a relay?

Gmail SMTP Server

  1. Connect to on port 465, if you’re using SSL. (Connect on port 587 if you’re using TLS.)
  2. Sign in with a Google username and password for authentication to connect with SSL or TLS.
  3. Ensure the username you use has cleared the CAPTCHA word verification test.

How do I send an email to multiple recipients using JavaMail?

Create a MultiPart object and assign the two MimeBodyPart objects to this MultiPart Object. Set this MultiPart object to message. SetContent() method. use Transport() method to send the mail.

What are the different protocol is used in JavaMail explain in detail?

Following are some of the protocols supported in JavaMail API: SMTP: Acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It provides a mechanism to deliver email. POP: Acronym for Post Office Protocol.

What is JavaMail API?

The JavaMail is an API that is used to compose, write and read electronic messages (emails). The JavaMail API provides protocol-independent and plateform-independent framework for sending and receiving mails.

How does a mail relay work?

SMTP relay services work in a similar way. The sender’s message is sent to an SMTP server and placed in a virtual envelope. The SMTP server identifies that the recipient’s domain is not the sender’s domain, so relay services send it off to the recipient’s main email server that handles incoming messages.

What is the JavaMail API?

The JavaMail API provides a platform-independent and protocol-independent framework to build mail and messaging applications. The JavaMail API provides a set of abstract classes defining objects that comprise a mail system.