How do I unlock Mercenaries mode?

To unlock Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil Village, players must complete the main story. From there, they’ll be able to unlock Mercenaries Mode from the Extra Content Menu. Once unlocked, players can access Mercenaries Mode from the Bonuses Menu at the titles screen.

How do you unlock more areas in Mercenaries?

There you can unlock Mercenaries. After it’s unlocked you start Mercenaries Mode by going to Main Menu > Bonuses > The Mercenaries. Initially you will only have the first stage “The Village” available. To unlock new stages you must get A-Rank on the previous Stage (on first 4 Stages) or B-Rank (in the last 4 Stages).

How do you unlock Wesker?

Unlock Frank and Wesker in Lost Planet 2 the easy way

  1. Press ‘Y’ or ‘triangle’ at either ‘MY PAGE’ or ‘MY CHARACTER’ to open up item purchase screen.
  2. Press ‘X’ or ‘square’ to open up a password box.
  3. Enter ‘72962792’ for Wesker and ‘83561942’ for Frank West.

How do I get mercenary re8?

Purchase After Beating the Main Game Mercenaries Mode is a special time-trial mode that unlocks after player beats the main game for the first time. After beating the game and finishing the ending rolls, players can purchase the mode for 10 CP in the newly opened Extra Content Shop.

Does Resident Evil Village have Mercenaries mode?

The Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil Village is an optional side mode that can be unlocked through special means.

What is Mercenaries mode Resident Evil?

The Mercenaries is a beloved fast-paced action-packed. extra game mode from the Resident Evil series. Access the latest incarnation of this bonus mode after completing the main game, now featuring a first person perspective, and more.

Can you earn CP in Mercenaries?

You’ll be able to farm CP points by clearing different stages on Mercenaries Mode. You’ll need to work at being able to achieve S Rank or higher for certain challenges to be cleared, but it’s definitely a great way to rack up the points.

How do you get S rank in Reen Mercenaries?

Complete The Village stage in The Mercenaries once. Complete The Castle stage in The Mercenaries once. Complete The Factory stage in The Mercenaries once. Get a combo of at least 30 during The Mercenaries.

How can I get SSS Mercenaries in RE8?

Mercenaries mode is unlocked for gamers upon completing the main story in Resident Evil Village and then purchasing it from the Extra Content Shop. There is a total of eight stages available; however, players can only access the next stage when they receive at least an A or B rank on the previous level.