How do I stop being so critical of my boyfriend?

How to stop criticizing:Be realistic. Look for the positives. Don’t take his/her behavior personally. Consider whether you need to say anything at all. Ask directly and respectfully for what you want. Manage your own anxiety and stress.

How do I stop criticizing my child?

Use Praise/Reward Instead of Criticism/Punishment. Duh!Describe the Situation Instead of Fixing Blame.Say Nothing.Express Your Feelings.Put Things in Perspective and Let Things Slide.Make the Praise Descriptive Instead of Generic.Focus on the Effort Instead of the Outcome.Focus on Encouragement Instead of Judgement.

How can I boost my child’s confidence?

12 Tips for Raising Confident KidsModel confidence yourself. Even if you’re not quite feeling it! Don’t get upset about mistakes. Encourage them to try new things. Allow kids to fail. Praise perseverance. Help kids find their passion. Set goals.

How can I teach without criticizing?

Be Straightforward. You aren’t doing anybody any favors by skirting around the subject. Be Specific. General criticism almost always sounds like a put down. Focus on the Work, Not the Person. Don’t Tell Someone They’re Wrong. Find Something to Compliment. Make Suggestions, Not Orders. Have a Conversation.