How do I set the temperature on my Braeburn thermostat?

How to program a Braeburn thermostat?

  1. Press the “Prog” button.
  2. In order to select “Cool” or “Heat”, press the “System” button until it lands on the desired setting.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to adjust the time and temperature you need for each time slot.
  4. Click “Return” when you’re done.

How do you set a Braeburn thermostat schedule?

How to set a Braeburn thermostat?

  1. Push the date/time button and set the correct date and time. Begin by choosing the hour, then the minutes.
  2. Next, select the day of the week. You do this by pressing the arrows.
  3. Push the fan button to select your fan setting.
  4. To finish, press return and hold it for four seconds.

How do I override my Braeburn thermostat?

You can temporarily override the program at any time by pressing either the UP or DOWN arrow button for about 2 seconds until the display flashes once. At that time you can use the UP or DOWN buttons freely to change the desired set point temperature. the display will return to normal mode after a few seconds.

How do you reset a Braeburn thermostat 1200?

To reset a Braeburn thermostat, press the RESET button located inside a small hole on the front side of the thermostat using a toothpick, a paper clip, or a pin.

Why is heat blinking on my Braeburn thermostat?

Most newer Braeburn thermostat models will flash the word HEAT or COOL when the thermostat is calling for your heating or cooling system to run. When the call for heating or cooling is over, the word HEAT or COOL will become solid.

How do you program a thermostat?

Here, we walk you through the programming process, step by step.

  1. Step 1: Know Your Schedule. First, check to see what cadence your thermostat can accommodate: daily, weekly, or weekday/weekend scheduling.
  2. Step 2: Choose Your Temperature Settings.
  3. Step 3: Build the Schedule in the Thermostat.
  4. Step 4: Enable the Schedule.

How do you set a Braeburn 2020 thermostat?

Press and hold the RETURN button for a few seconds. The screen will change and your temperature differential setting will appear in the display. Use the UP or DOWN arrow button to adjust this setting to your desired value. Wait a few moments and the screen will return to normal.

Why is HEAT blinking on my Braeburn thermostat?

How do you reprogram a thermostat?

Here are the step-by-step reset instructions:

  1. Turn your thermostat off by switching it to the off position.
  2. Find the breaker that powers your HVAC system and turn it off.
  3. Wait 30 seconds and turn the breaker back on.
  4. Turn your thermostat back on.

When should I reset my Braeburn thermostat?

Braeburn Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling When the room is warmer than it should be, you could just need to reset the thermostat to get the machine back up to its optimal speed. If your Braeburn air conditioner is not cooling, turn the thermostat to the “off” position.

What does it mean when heat on is blinking?

“Cool On” or “Heat On” is Blinking If this set of words or the illustration is blinking, your thermostat is in a five-minute delay state. This feature stops your equipment from damaging short cycling.

Why is my heat flashing?

It turns out that blinking thermostats are fairly common. Thermostats tend to blink because it’s short cycling, it’s batteries are low, your high limit switch is on, or the thermostat has an issue connecting to your heating system.