How do I Reset my iPod Classic to factory settings?

Force restart your iPod classic. Put the Hold switch firmly in the unlocked position. Press and hold the Menu and Center (or Select) buttons for 8 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo.

How do you reset a frozen iPod Touch?

Reset a frozen iPod. If the Hold switch toggle doesn’t work, you can perform a hard reset in order to regain control over the iPod. To do so, press and hold the Menu and Select button. The Menu button is located at the top of the Click Wheel, and the Select button is in the center of the Wheel. Press and hold the buttons for at least 8 seconds.

How do I Reset my iPod Nano to factory settings?

This will reboot your iPod, and will terminate any apps that are currently running. Press and hold the Power button and the Home button for 10 seconds. The Apple logo will appear and the device will reset.

How do I Reset my iPod without losing data?

Plug your iPod into your computer. If you can’t reset your iPod no matter what you do, you may need to restore it. Restoring your iPod will erase all of the data, but you can load an old backup so that you don’t have to start over from scratch.

Press down both thumbs for about 6 seconds until your iPod reboots. Immediately move your left thumb around to the rewind button |<< on the left and hold this down together with SELECT for a further 6 seconds. Your iPod should now switch into Diagnostic Boot mode.

Is the iPod Classic no longer recognized by iTunes?

This seems to confirm that iTunes no longer recognizes or supports the iPod classic. Jan 1 14:48:05 Sofa iTunesHelper [447]: Entered:__thr_AMMuxedDeviceDisconnected, mux-device:440

Can I use an older version of iTunes as a startup?

IF you had a clone of previous system that supported older version iTunes you may be able to have a secondary startup hard disk drive and use it. The ability to start in an older supported system is only limited by how its done.

Is my iPod Classic a USB device?

It’s the Classic 160GB (the best iPod ever). The iPod shows up in the System Report as a USB device. It also shows up on the desktop as a volume. Clearly the Mac recognizes it as an iPod and a working USB device.