How do I register my Promethean board?

To register your product, please log in to Promethean’s Registration Portal. To register hardware, click the Hardware Registration button on the Home screen. Enter the Serial Number, Installation Date and ActivCare Plus Activation Code if you have one.

How do I connect my ActivHub?

Connect the ActivHub via the USB connection (same location as a flashdrive) of your computer. After a red blinking light, a green light should appear inside the hub. Choose the “Configure” tab and “Register devices” button. Follow the prompts and screenshots to complete the registration process.

How do I register ActivSlate?


  1. Connect the relevant hardware to your computer and launch ActivInspire.
  2. Click Device Registration.
  3. Select the hardware (ActivHub or ActivBoard) in the column on the left, and then click on ActivSlate.
  4. Click Register.
  5. Enter the number of ActivSlates and click Next.

Where is my ActivInspire activation key?

The ActivInspire Activation Key can be found in the following places:

  1. On a sticker located on the back or on the side of your ActivBoard or ActivPanel.
  2. In the email received after purchasing an ActivInspire license through a Promethean Partner.
  3. On the packaging of the ActivInspire Professional Edition DVD (no longer sold)

How do I open ActivInspire?

Double click on the ActivInspire icon on your desktop to open the software. To calibrate the board, right-click on the ACTIVControl icon in the system tray.

How do I connect my Promethean board to WiFi?

Connecting to a Promethean board Tablets: download the ActiveCast app from the Apple or Google Play store. Next, connect your tablet or laptop to the DMC-Secure WiFi network. Then, toggle the board inputs to use the embedded Android computer so you can use its ActiveCast app.

What is ActivHub?

Information. Detail. The 2.4GHz ActivHub is a USB device which is plugged directly into the computer. All 2.4 GHz devices are registered to the ActivHub, including the ActivBoard 100 and 300 Series.

How do you calibrate ActivSlate?

To calibrate the ActivSlate, please unplug all other Promethean devices from the computer. Next, plug your ActivSlate into the computer and navigate to the ActivManager icon. Hover over this icon on your computer, and select calibration. Please let us know if you are able to complete the calibration now.

How do I activate Activ inspire?

ActivInspire Activation Key Locate your 20-digit Activation Key. Read article 1084 for help. Alternatively, visit the ActivInspire Upgrade page and enter your hardware serial number and product code without spaces or dashes. Click Validate to generate your 20-digit Activation Key.